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The design features of the patent-pending Avial Frame allow you to install parts from any manufacturer. However, for our electric bikes, we use the time-tested Shimano components, which have won deserved popularity among bicycle owners around the world. On the Avial e-Bikes mid-drive, the components of the Shimano Deore series are installed, which have already proven their effectiveness on MTB and Trekking bikes. This applies to the cassette sprockets, crank sets, front and rear derailleurs, rapid-fire shifters and front hubs. For rear-wheel-drive electric bikes, we use the components of this Japanese manufacturer’s mid-level range.

Avial e-Bikes can be equipped with various models of middle and rear drives. During the lengthy tests of our prototypes, they showed themselves well: the Bafang rear-wheel drive with a capacity of 250/350 W with a maximum torque of 45Nm and the mid-drive motor Comp C17 250/350W with a maximum torque of 80Nm. We plan to continue testing other wire models, since practically any manufacturer can install a motor on our frame.

One of the features of the Avial Bikes equipment is the presence of a Gear Shift Sensor, developed in the Czech Republic, working in conjunction with the Comp C17 250/350W mid-drive. This sensor allows you to automatically briefly turn off the electric motor when the cyclist makes the switch. As a result, this solution allows reducing the load on the transmission elements, and also makes the movement smoother and more comfortable.

For Avial Bikes, we use lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 11.6-14 Ah and a voltage of 36V, which are made on the basis of high-capacity cells of 2600mAh from LG or Samsung. These batteries are equipped with a waterproof casing that is installed on the frame and can be removed with a key. Our immediate plans include the manufacture of several models of 10.5-14 Ah batteries based on 3500mAh cells placed in a more compact and light package.