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Anverz e-Bike helmets with a visor from Lazer



The Lazer Anverz NTA helmet is designed to fit perfectly with a speed pedelec or an e-bike. The helmet has the same level of protection as a moped helmet, but the weight of a high-end bicycle helmet. It brings together the best of both worlds: well-ventilated, comfortable, lightweight, sturdy with lots of protection, a brilliant visor and the ability to add accessories.

The visor on the Lazer Anverz NTA has an important function. Anyone who has driven a speed pedelec at a speed of 45 km/h knows how air resistance, rain and dust can make a ride uncomfortable and obstruct visibility. A visor of the e-bike helmet then offers good protection and guarantees a good view of the road and traffic, even for cyclists wearing spectacles. The visor on the Anverz can easily be opened and closed.

The e-bikes helmet Lazer Anverz only weighs 382 grams and meets all legal requirements. The 23 ventilation holes offer a lot of comforts and keep your head cool during hot days. In cooler weather, a hood can cover the ventilation holes, making the Anverz NTA a tight helmet.

The integrated Advanced Turnfit System creates a snug and comfortable sizing adjustment with a quick turn of the rear-mounted dial. The integration of a low friction MIPS layer adds protection of cyclist against rotational impact, but doesn’t interfere with the already existing protective capabilities, making safe even safer!

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