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Search components for our e-bikes at Euro Bike Show



An online searching made it possible to get acquainted with many brand new electric bikes equipped with various drives and steel, aluminium and carbon frames. In the focus of interest were the frames made of bamboo, wood, plywood and composite materials with various connecting elements for pipes, including parts made on a 3D printer. However, it is better to see all the newly-designed products in one place once, and I was going to attend the Euro Bike Show.

What did I expect to see? First of all, I was interested in new solutions in the field of bicycle frames that could be modified. In the focus of great interest were the products of manufacturers of rear and mid-drive system, as well as the opportunity to test them right at the exhibition and, thus, to form my own opinion about their efficiency and consumer qualities. The third sphere of interest was batteries and accessories that can be used for modern electric bikes. I found all this in full at EuroBike.

It is simply impossible to list all the stands on which I stayed. However, I cannot fail to note the interesting solutions of the Taiwanese manufacturer Kun Teng Industry for the 3-speed internal gear hub installed in the rear wheel of the bicycle, the original belt drives for bicycles from the company C-Drive, computers for bicycles, developed by APT. I was also interested in the brakes for electric bicycles from Tectro and in a wide range of batteries from Greenway manufacturer.

What can I say – the exhibition was wonderful, its organizers were very attentive, and the participants were very friendly. In my opinion, an unforgettable atmosphere of a like-minded club was created at this exhibition. Therefore, two days spent there still were not enough for me.

Baruch Dorfman