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Battery-less built-in turn indicators in its pedals e-bikes



The Aton e-bikes feature pedals with built-in turn indicators. Each of the water-resistant pedals features front and rear strips of amber LEDs, that wrap around the side of the pedal to provide 360-degree visibility. When wirelessly activated by a handlebar-mounted remote, the LEDs on either pedal illuminate sequentially in the direction of the turn.

The Aton is a joint effort: the e-bike is offered by Italian bicycle manufacturer F.lli Schiano and the technology for the pedals – dubbed PED – is from start-up SPEAROAD. Clearly, the hot-selling point of Aton is the smart pedals, which you control via a remote controller on the handlebar. The remote itself needs a small battery, but the pedals don’t be powered by energy recovered from pedaling. You can use them either to signal turns or to have 360-degree visibility on the road.

By acting on a remote controller on the bicycle handlebar, you can light up the pedals to show your position on the road and you can control independently each pedal to point the turn.

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