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British startup creates customisable electric utility motorcycle




Shednought electric motorcycle is equipped with a 5kW electric motor together with a 52V, 4kWh battery pack which provide a 90km/h (55mph) top speed. The standard bike weighs 111kg, and range is up to 80km (50 miles) with the standard 42kg battery but you can get a higher-capacity battery if you like.

The bike’s key feature is that it can be easily modified to suit the owner’s very specific needs. “From the outset, we wanted to build a short-range utility motorcycle, with a 90km/h (55mph+) top speed, that evolves the tradition of motorcyclists to customize and upgrade their own bikes,” Andy Trainor from Shed Rides said. Introduced as a commission-only build, the Shednought will function as the startup’s prototype for the Shed One platform. The modular system will enable customers to tailor their creations to the particular function it will serve. Users can either customize the utility bike upon ordering or make changes after purchase. The Shednought will serve as a proof of the Shed One model concept, and the company is now looking for 10 early adopters to help get the project off the ground.

A startup electric motorcycle firm that is based in West Yorkshire and called Shed Rides has designed a modular electric bike system with almost infinite customization possibilities. The Shednought provides 125cc-level top speed, but as with all electric bikes, the enormous ‘zero-rpm’ torque from the motor provides instant power to a much larger petrol engine. The bike uses a steel frame with a ‘strut’ building-block profile that makes the perimeter a continuous attachment point for bolts and accessories. There’s scope for front and rear carriers, bespoke storage racks, trailers: the possibilities are enormous. From a bespoke urban delivery vehicle to a tradesperson’s city transport, a tech-fan’s commuter or a farmer’s rural runabout – the Shednought can be easily adapted to all these functions.

The Shednought electric motorcycle is aimed at tech fans and geeks who desire the modular electric bike that can be upgraded and altered thanks to its modular design. You can either assemble the bike by your own or receive the one that is fully constructed and ready to go. You can also modify and alter it along the way, thanks to the brand-new modular design.

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