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Hycore T1 is an e-bike kit made in the form of a bicycle rear wheel



Hycore T1 is a multifunctional smart bicycle wheel that contains all the necessary components of an e-bike made in the form of a bicycle wheel. Simply swap the rear wheel on your bicycle. It is based on unique dual motor technology, DUOMO (180W x 2), which improves the motor’s speed-torque characteristic. Each electric motor has its own controller. The third fatter spoke contains the battery pack.

On the brand-new model, the outer appearance of the spokes is evened out so they look the same, and there is a variety of colourful side-plates. Detachable battery was designed to make charging easier. You can take out the battery and plug it into charger any place you want.

If you’d like the ease of usage of an electric bicycle but don’t want to eliminate your perfectly classic bike, you can replace your bike’s rear wheel with a new Hycore T1 rear wheel 26”. It contains a microcontroller, two 180-Watt motors that can be removed for upgrading, and a 24.2-Volt 6.7 Ah lithium-ion battery that can also be taken out for charging for about 3.5 h.

All the e-bike parts are inside the wheel. There is no need to worry about all the hassles involved with installing an electric bike conversion kit. Hycore T1 also has a Bluetooth 4.0 module, allowing you to communicate with an app on the user’s iOS or Android smartphone. That app allows selecting the level of pedal assistant and controlling the battery capacity level.

According to Hycore site, the T1 bicycle electric rear wheel allows you to accelerate the bike’s electronically-limited top speed of 26 or 32 km/h and the range of approximately 50 km.

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