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Leaos has developed an innovative e-bike frame



The Italian Leaos company makes the pressed frame using the same methods employed in the production of car bodies. The ultra-lightweight frame features two pressed, laser-cut, and spot-welded parts. The optimized geometry ensures a smooth, agile, and safe ride. The new e-Bike weighs only 15 kg and has a modern design.

The powerful drive 250W Bafang rear motor with torque 40 Nm, in combination with the integrated 362 Wh battery, ensures the right mix of weight and range. The e-bike supports its rider up to 100 km before it has to be recharged in 1.5 hours using the fast charger. This ultralight electric bike manages to travel with speed 25 km/h.

This e-bike is a 100% Italian job except the Chinese motor and German battery system. Leaos founder Armin Oberhollenzer tells that the pressed e-bike frame design allows it to be made in Italy, utilizing largely automated processes. As a result, both the company and its customers save money on manpower, and on transporting the bikes from someplace such as China.

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