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Mid-drive e-bike conversion kit the scales at a claimed 1.6 kg



The Italian electric bicycle conversion kit company Bikee Bike has a new model weighing just 1.65 kg with power 250-1000W offers up to 90 Nm of torque. Users bolt the drive unit onto the bottom underside of the down tube, so that it’s adjacent to the bottom bracket.

The bicycle’s chain is then routed around The Lightest’s powered cog, while also staying engaged with the teeth on the bottom of the chainring. In this way, both the motor and the rider’s legs deliver power to the rear wheel. Should users wish to revert to full human power, though, the drive unit can reportedly be removed within five minutes.

Bikee’s Lightest kit is available in a package that offers up to 1,200W of peak power (marketed as a 1,000W continuous kit), though the company is also offering lower power units with 250, 500 and 750W nominal motors. Even the lowest power motor is still quite strong though, with the company claiming that the 250W nominal motor actually puts out around 600-700W of peak power.

It’s outlined for high performance and longevity. Here, the system can be installed on any bike adding approx. Moreover, It’s the lightest electric bicycle mid-drive motor on the market. However, the weight of a bottle of water because of keep bike agile in the trails can carry an e-bike with less effort on the stairs and also while loading it on the car.

Additionally, mid-drive motors are superiors comparing to hub motors because can take advantage of your e-bike shifter. That allows them to deliver more torque at the wheel depending on the gear and they’re more efficient uphill.

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