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Model 1 for two – between electric scooter and e-bike



Model 1 is equipped with a throttle and high torque mid-drive motor, which makes it easy for drive, and the footsteps, soft suspension and a fully closed rear wheel keep two passengers clean and comfortable. lockable integrated panniers allow you to easily transport your belongings.

What’s comfortable like a scooter, can carry both cargo and passengers, looks like a regular bike, but at the same time fast and powerful, like an electric one? This will be Model 1 from Civilized Cycles. If CEO and founder Zachary Schiffelin gets his way, Model 1 will forever change our view of urban e-bikes. Schiffelin worked at Vespa in New York, and when electric bikes began popping up on the market and he noticed that people would ask for an ideal product that combines the functions of various vehicles: they wanted a e-bike, but one they didn’t have to pedal all that much; they would like to go with someone, but not on a motorcycle; they need a cargo space, but do not want to invest in the car, and scooters are considered too troublesome.

If at first glance you mistakenly accept the Civilized Cycles Model 1 electric bicycle a vintage motor scooter, this is not by accident. The Company founder, Zach Schiffelin, sees his goal in bringing the utility and aesthetics of not only Vespa but other classic scooters like the Honda Cub, to the e-bike market. Thus, Model 1 is designed to carry a rear passenger and includes integrated rigid-shell locking baskets around the rear wheel for carrying products, a laptop and other everyday working equipment or other cargo. The maximum total weight of model 1 – rider, passenger and cargo – is 180 kg (400 pounds). The rear suspension is a proprietary self-leveling system that adjusts to the weight of the load of an e-bike by pushing a button. According to Schiffelin, the process takes about 20 seconds.

The Model 1 e-bike offers integrated saddlebags of 20 liters each or 80 liters in open condition. Saddle bags also serve as mudguards. The integrated hydraulic braking system provides perfect braking within the permitted total weight. The battery is hidden in the bag and takes up 4 liters of space out of 80 in the bag. Model 1 weighs 34 kg and provides a range of up to 40 or 80km with two batteries. Two models are available: assisted pedaling or accelerator alone.

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