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Movos bicycle provides a comfortable ride on rough city roads



Movos urban bicycle produced by Metaphys provides a smooth and comfortable ride on rough city roads. The center pivot coil suspension system installed in the middle of the bicycle frame absorbs shock during the cycle and provides a pleasant ride.

For any cyclist, a smooth ride, comfort and size are what’s most important when purchasing an urban bicycle. Japanese Metaphys Movos bicycle weighs 14.8 kg and meets all these requirements. It has an original pivot coil system suspension in the middle of the frame made from aluminum 6061 that absorbs shock so that the rider has a smoother ride. Moreover, the seats are produced from a soft material and the tires are designed for pavements with excellent grip performance to ensure a more enjoyable riding experience. This urban bicycle is also fairly compact and can be folded in the handles that make storage really convenient.

The suspension unit can be adjusted in a way you like by turning the ring on the spring. The center pivot coil suspension structure that is mounted on the center of the front frame provides stable cushion performance and form with one-of-a-kind new frame. A quieter rear brake is mounted on the central axis of the rear wheel.

The thumb-operated six-speed shifter is easy to control with a thumb, that enables even to ride easy even on lifts. In addition to the shock-absorbing suspension system, the saddle made of flexible materials is friendly to women. This city bicycle uses 20-inch contact tires made by Kenda. The tires are smooth for riding on paved roads and offer excellent grip performance but are still quiet on asphalt surfaces. A high-performance roller brake with excellent braking power and durability, that requires almost no maintenance, is used as the rear brake.

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