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New e-bike rear hub motors from Linear Labs



Linear Labs has introduced the M200 a 36V rear hub motors for e-bikes which performance can cause some excitement. One of them is the N50H Motor with power 2.7 kW and peak torque 100Nm that weighs only 4 kg and has a diameter 220 mm and the thickness 40 mm. Model Y40 with 1000W and peak torque 40Nm have weight 3,7 kg and diameter 220 mm.

The 200 Series’ high torque and high efficiency extend range, battery life, and increase performance, for example, of e-bikes and e-scooters when they move through the steep slopes for extended periods. The new e-bike rear hub motors are available in higher voltages, providing up to 140 Nm at 5000 RPM. The e-bikes hub motor is based on the Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET) technology. It was developed by Fred Hunstable, father of the Brad company boss. In these electric motors, the stator is surrounded by a magnetic tunnel. A three-dimensional magnetic flux is generated inside the tunnel. This combines axial flow and radial flow patterns. One of the results of this construction is a torque that is maximal at all positions. With conventionally constructed electric motors, the torque only reaches its optimum value at one point – namely when it approaches a magnetic pole.

Magnetic flux concentration within the motor in HET technology allows maximizing the torque generation. A particular strength of the motor lies in the generation of high torque at low speeds. In addition, the M200 can generate the same torque with half size compared to competing motors.

Now there are two versions of the hub motors. The more expensive M200 N50H variant contains neodymium magnets. It enables the implementation of a maximum torque with the smallest size. The M200 Y40 is cheaper but also significantly less powerful. Ferrite magnets are installed in this version. “Our new motor is suitable for use in e-scooters, golf carts, e-bikes, autonomous robots or any other application on the last mile,” said Brad Hunstable, Linear Labs founder and CEO.

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