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Original Denny bicycle integrates automatic running lights that turn on when the bike is in motion, a unique fender with rubber bristles that wick away rain, and a breakthrough patented lock design that transforms the handlebar into a giant U-lock. The Denny Bicycle is the work of a design agency called Teague and it won the Bike Design Project. The original Denny bicycle comes with the electric drive pedal assist that helps you on difficult terrains. This assistive motor is…



A bicycle Cardigo provides a fun way to get your daily dose of aerobic exercise while being outdoors. Its front-end slides forward relative to the rest of the bike, helping to propel it while also reportedly offering more of a full-body workout. Designed by cyclist Dan Ogden, the stainless steel-framed Cardigo can be pedalled just like a normal bicycle. Turning a knob on the top tube, however, allows the rider to push the front end forward by 10 inches (25…



Made to be light as a feather, this Viks from Estonian designer Indrek Narusk uses a carbon-fiber frame to dump the weight down to 10 kg. The Carbon takes the dual-tube design to the pinnacle with hand-crafted parts made especially for the new frame. Each part and weld are made to last a lifetime and beyond. Backed up by a Gates Carbon belt drive and a wheelset from Aerospoke, its speed personified and poetry in motion. The Viks Carbon features…



Bosch is already well-known for its electric bike motors and related technologies. Now, the German company has unveiled a concept “e-Bike Design Vision”, created to show how smoothly those products could be incorporated into one vehicle. The crux of the concept “e-Bike Design Vision” be to seamlessly integrate electric components into the two-wheelers overall design, foreshadowing what the German multinational firm believes represents the future of e-Bike design. As such, the concept boasts a carbon-fiber frame with integrated suspension front…



No matter what they’re made from, most bicycle frames take the form of multiple tubes that are joined together at the ends. But according to Dutch designing brothers Bob and Tom Schiller, it’s difficult to fully automate. As a result, bike companies tend to get their frames built overseas, in countries where the labor is cheap. To change that, the Schillers have created the Mokumono bike. Traditionally when a bicycle is manufactured it’s using steel or aluminum tubing. This tubing…



The Reframed is a bike, developed by a group of Dutch designers. It’s a single-speed bike with a frame crafted out of separate pieces of aluminium that the user must put together themselves through a clamping connection with nuts and bolts. They offer the basic version of the frame from which you can build your own creative and unique version of the bicycle, without being obligated to buy parts that you don’t need. Because the frame isn’t welded together or…



A loop frame integrates the 850 Wh battery into the Klever X е-bike. The curved top tube creates a unisex frame design with reduced step-over height. All the brake cables, gear cables and electronics are installed entirely within the stem and frame too. Klever Mobility is a German company with a noble mission to bring car drivers on board the e-bike revolution and make the daily commute as green and healthy as possible. The Klever X range aims to make…



A trio of entrepreneurs from San Francisco has created a Ronin bicycle prototype using material of the frame – sheet metal. This frame is held together by “rivets and glue” and it boasts the elegance and clean lines. The frame itself weighs less then1.4 kg. There are carbon-fiber bikes, bamboo bikes, wooden bikes, but that firm in San Francisco has its hand-folded sheet metal bikes. After some experiments using heavy stock paper, the current prototype was built out of 0.6…



An ultra-low maintenance commuter bicycle. No chain, no cables, no brake pads, no derailleurs, no rust, no paint. Wouldn’t life be better with an ESO bicycle weighing 13 kg with shaft-drive that never gets a flat tire, and doesn’t have a chain at all? The ESO Bike claims to be the first bicycle in the world that will be truly, really maintenance-free. It is simple, clean, minimalist to a fault, strong, and durable. What’s so special about ESO? First of…



Bicycles often get stolen when kept at parking lots or outside the house. Space scarcity makes it difficult for users to keep the bikes safe. The FUBi is a bicycle weight of around 12 kg that counters all these problems – it can be just folded. When most people think of a folding bicycle, they likely picture something with small wheels and a funny-looking frame. That’s why several years ago, Finnish designer Ulf Laxström created the FUBi – it’s a…