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Patent application on our e-bike frame was filed



Is it possible to invent a frame for a bicycle? Before visiting the exhibition and conducting a preliminary patent search, we were sure that it was impossible … However, it was worth a try. Surprisingly, the closest in design features was the Dujee bicycle model, developed in 1948 by a Japanese of the aircraft (at that time) manufacturing company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Around the same period, several European companies also made bicycles aircraft-grade aluminum – duralumin. Apparently, after the Second World War, as is the case with the classic Land Rover Defender SUV, whose hull elements were also connected with rivets, the industry produced quite a lot of aircraft-grade aluminum.

In addition to the used profiles made from aircraft-grade aluminium and to the method of their connection using linings and blind rivets, we added to our patent application the original method of fastening the middle drive motor, that would allow us to install on our frame almost any model of medium electric drive introduced to the market with the capacity of 250-350W. At the same time, the concept of our frame also provided the possibility of installing the rear drive motor of the same capacity.

Thus, we have practically achieved our goal in developing the concept of an easily modifiable frame. Our first prototype frame has already been assembled, the patent application has been filed. Now it is possible to retrofit our e-bike with all the necessary components and to start testing.