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Recon is offering cheap MONO e-bikes with 80 km range



Reconbike company, said to be the “pioneer in bike manufacturing in South Korea,” is offering its latest e-bikes, the Mono series, in several configurations (three variants) weighting 19.2-22.8 kg. The Mono 20” and 26” have a 350W rear hub motor, and the Fat version has a 500W Bafang motor. It’s cheap e-bikes have an LCD display screen for access to battery state-of-charge, indication of speed, the pedal-assist level, and odometer readings. Using accordant urban style and different configurations, the electric bike series provides personal riding experiences based on different rider’s preferences.

Each of Recon bike cheap models has a simple and elegant frame made of aluminium alloy, that makes the construction durable and lightweight. For Mono series, Korean manufacturer used elaborate procedure with doubled weld seams, that has two advantages:

First, it improves the firmness of the weld seams and minimizes the load peaks on the tube welds through energy flow. Second, it makes the e-bikes frame appearance better and more organic due to the smooth and hardly noticeable welds.

All the internally routed cables are not only protected inside of the frame from the dirt, sweat and road grime but also make bike’s appearance organic and stylish. Integrated front and back lights keep ensure your safety during the night ride and make your bike appearance nicer and neater during the day.

Mono battery 8.8-10.4 Ah is harmonized with the down tube and at the same time, it allows easy access so that you can take it with you anywhere to recharge. There is a little button on the battery pack, that you can press and see the battery gauge.

On each Mono e-bike you can not only adjust the height of the seat but also use rings to adjust the height of the handle. Each ring is about 1cm height and there are 4~6 rings depending on the models.

Recon HI-TECH is the name of Korean manufacturer that has been upon running for 4 years. RECON is going to launch cheap e-bikes Mono 20” and Mono 26” in Europe under the SpineBike brand which is an Italian company brand.

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