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Schaeffler – small car or four wheels’ hybrid bike?



Somewhere between an electric bicycle and a small car, the hybrid bike from Schaeffler is located. From 2020, it should make traffic in major cities more environmentally friendly. The manufacturer described the Bio-Hybrid as a car based on an e-bike powertrain. Essentially it is weather protected four-wheel bike that can be powered by battery or pedalling.

In the future, a hybrid of e-bike and microcar could shape the streetscape in the metropolises of the world. Equipped with up to four seats or a loading bed, the Micro-Mobil is intended to supplement the ecological advantages of the bicycle with weather protection and storage space. The hybrid Bike from Schaeffler comes with two 250W motors and provides support up to 25 km/h. The Bio-Hybrid weights 100 kilograms and has a width of 794 mm.

The four-wheel platform is based on a standard e-bike and can be moved depending on the driver’s desire and condition with its environmentally friendly muscle power or with the help of an electric motor. The battery is also charged by the energy generated during braking. Thanks to a track width of 80 cm, the use of bike paths should be possible. The range of this hybrid bike is 50 km.

The passengers from rainfall are protected a dome-shaped roof which is folds down, making the hybrid e-bike convertible. Doors or windows do not exist, luggage can be accommodated in a variable storage compartment. In addition to the passenger variant, a cargo model is provided, which can optionally be provided with a flatbed or box body.

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