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Screecher 4-wheel e-bike with innovative electric drive



Screecher pedal cycle with acceleration 0-25 km/h in 5 secs just swooped into the electric vehicle market with an innovative 4-wheel drive, bio-hybrid e-bike powered by sunshine. Perched between an e-bike and a low-speed electric vehicle, Screecher weighting only 54 kg is the solution for affordable and clean transportation.


Screecher is a four-wheel e-bike, solar-electric bio-hybrid, powered by twin 350W electric hub motors and a 12.8Ah 48V battery. Riders enjoy 5 levels of pedal-assist and can ride up to 30 km with no pedalling. Solar cell roof recharging, regenerative brakes, cruise control, comfortable seating for 2 plus cargo, towing capacity, a quiet ride, and quick acceleration offer unique combination of practicality and fun.


According to the data from Cycling Industry News, there were an estimated 35 million e-bikes sold in 2016. In 2023, annual sales are projected to rise to 40 million units at a value of $24.3 billion, with a total of 2 billion electric pedal-assist bikes in circulation by 2050.

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