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Taiwan Taya offer Chains for Mid-Drive e-Bikes up to 1000W



The new technology developed by Taiwan Taya is called Diamond Hard Tech (DHT) and according to Taya information: “Provides the solidest hardened base with extreme hardness performance and self-lubrication feature” for e-Bikes with Mid-Drive system with power up to 1000W. e-Bike chain producer claims that its new DHT chains provide increased surface hardness which provides a 8 times longer chain life.

Its new Diamond Hard Tech e-bike chains also have reinforced 360 degrees sub-punched pins that have extraordinary riveting power. With these features, Taya claims that its chains are approved for mid-drives systems that are capable of 1000W max power and up to 160Nm max torque. This new technology makes Taya’s DHT chains extremely suitable for sporty e-bikes like e-MTB’s as well as speed electric bicycles. DHT hardened treatment does not affect the worn condition of cassettes and chain wheel and that friction-free lubrication helps to shield away from the strain and wear on the drivetrain components.

Since 1969 the Taiwanese company Taya has specialized in the production of chains for bicycles, motorcycles, fitness machines and garage sliding chains. Not for nothing is it the world leader in this sphere, whose annual production amounts to 24 million chains, that means nearly 66,000 chains a day, 2,700 per hour, 45 per minute. Taya invests great amounts of money in research and development, more than 1.5 million dollars a year.

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