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The Behemoth e-bike with 1000W mid-drive motor



Ride on virtually any surface, Behemoth e-bike with 1000W mid-drive motor and wide saddle with a lumbar support cushion offering luxurious cabin. It won’t limit you to just ride on streets, trails, or smooth surfaces; it will also take you on steep inclines. The U First frame design provides you with better security by sitting lower to the ground while offering luxurious cabin for a truly enjoyable ride on an upright bicycle.

If you’re not familiar with the Day 6 brand, it was started by Kelly Hutson in Southwest Iowa, as a way of dealing with his inability to ride a bike after a back injury. Kelly spent a few years designing an entirely new bike frame, which allows riders to sit upright, with extended handlebars, a forward crankset, a wide saddle and backrest.

The Behemoth is outfitted with an E-RAD mid-drive motor, that is quiet, compact and has the power climb hills and overcome headwinds, especially since it’s paired with an e-RAD 48V lithium battery. It sits somewhere between a regular bike and a full-on recumbent. You sit up straight on the Behemoth, on a wide, soft injection-moulded comfort saddle, with your posture assisted by a lumbar support cushion.

According to the information on site, the Behemoth with 1000W mid-drive motor is the ultimate comfort bike. 16” seat and contoured Ergo S’ port backrest combine for one luxurious cabin. The truth is: even a 70-kg person needs a seat that is wide enough to fit their rear. This model is the only upright bicycle with a backrest. Behemoth from Day 6 company is the ultimate bicycle for big people. It 180 kg weight capacity that will comfortably support just about anyone!

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