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The Velocifero MAD is electric scooter built to Go Off-Road



Velocifero MAD designed by Alessandro Tartarini is billed as a cross between a scooter and an electric bike that, thanks to giant oversized tires, can veer well off your manicured suburban street. The MAD certainly has style and personality. It weighs just of 44-48 kg but can hold a rider three times that, sitting or standing.


It ranges is between 30-40 km, speed tops out at 45 km/h. Front and rear disc brakes bring the high-tensile steel-framed scooter to a stop. The MAD includes a removable seat and folding handlebars to meet various riding, transport and storage needs, and accessories like the double headlight and handlebar and saddle bags increase its versatility.


Electric, foldable, modern and elegant design. The new Velocifero MAD is an example of how a bright idea turns into a successful product. To make you fall in love, to change your life, to make your style. Tartarini sums up his inspiration, “In a market that is extremely competitive and is constantly evolving, we need to create products that are stylish and have a strong personality”.


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