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Ultralight e-bike designed especially for urban riders



Urban Ultralight e-bike from Zooz Bikes offers the perfect blend of style and thrills in a minimalist but also creative design. Weighing about 20 kg and come in three versions of rear hub motor: 250, 500, and 1100W, its bike is light and agile.

All Urban Ultralight e-Bikes built around a chrome 4130 chromo steel framesets and a chrome cross-bar BMX handlebar furthers the back-in-the-day look. The models of the new series have the cushy moto-style seat—set at a height of 76 cm – that is specification rather than a traditional BMX saddle and seat post. The patent-pending seat houses most of the e-bikes electronics and has room for two riders. A patent-pending seat design offers unprecedented comfort while cycling, whether you’re cruising leisurely down the street or going with the top speed.

The team at Zooz wanted to create a genuinely modern version of the BMX bike that would appeal to adults by including all of the BMX bike design elements we love and incorporating a series of electric bike upgrades that would make it far more practical for daily use.

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