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Vekkit launches e-bike kit with 2-speed motor



Vekkit launches a two-speed kit for the e-bike. The first speed mode has more power and speeds up to 15 km/h, and the second speed mode has a higher speed and uses less power. The modes can be switched using the wheel remote control or also an auto-switch option.

In fact, when you have to ride up a steep hill, you need to select the first speed mode for maximum power. If you drive on a flat road, then you should switch to the second speed mode as you ride faster. With two speed modes, you can save battery and also distribute power efficiently. The new two-speed motor is presented as one that has a higher power rate as compared to the standard one-speed motors.

These two-speed kits for e-bikes have several key features including installation 36V 250W on the front or rear wheel with two gears depending on the variant, manual or automatic gear changing, sear post or handlebar battery bag mounts, an in-built temperature sensor for more efficiency, and security locks on the handlebar and battery bag.

As for battery life, this e-bike kit will be powered by Li-ion removable battery option ranging from a very light 252 Wh battery weighing about 1.2kg or an extended 360Wh battery weighing about 1.7kg. These batteries can last up to 50km and 90km, respectively. Other notable features of the Vekkit two-speed kits for e-bikes are the wireless cadence sensor, motor controller, handlebar remote control, a companion app that is compatible both with Android and iOS.

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