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Viks Carbon takes the dual-tube bicycle design to the pinnacle



Made to be light as a feather, this Viks from Estonian designer Indrek Narusk uses a carbon-fiber frame to dump the weight down to 10 kg. The Carbon takes the dual-tube design to the pinnacle with hand-crafted parts made especially for the new frame. Each part and weld are made to last a lifetime and beyond. Backed up by a Gates Carbon belt drive and a wheelset from Aerospoke, its speed personified and poetry in motion.

The Viks Carbon features the same frame design as its predecessor, with a pair of tubular frames joined at the head tube, seat tube and bottom bracket. While the main tubes consist of carbon-fiber, the joints and other components are made of stainless steel. Due to the liberal use of carbon-fiber, this bike’s frame weighs less than the steel bike, while the bike’s total weight is no more than 10 kg.

Every Viks Carbon bicycle is crafted by hand to individual order. The ride is quite sporty but comfortable; even though there is no seat tube, the frame is very rigid and does not flex. The 30 mm handlebars feel good without the grips. Viks wasn’t created to be an attention seeker, but it still makes heads turn everywhere you go: being ridden or simply parked outside a cafe.

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