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WAU e-Bike with the battery from 10.5 to 24.5Ah gives up to 160 km range



The WAU e-Bike is a model for consumers seeking an ideal solution to use it for commuting or leisure purposes without restriction in terms of battery range up to 24.5Ah and can be outfitted with either a 250 or 500W motor that will provide a range up to 160km.

WAU is a UK start-up, and its eponymous single-sized model has some striking design elements that perhaps points the way to the future of e-bikes. This e-bike is a conventional design based around a one-size-fits-all diamond frame with a geared rear hub motor. There’s central housing of the battery box in the middle of the diamond frame made of ABS plastic and bolted onto the frame. This houses the battery with an impressively large capacity 886Wh, a GPS tracking unit and, in a separate sealed compartment at the front, alarm and control unit.

This frame arrangement allows the fitment of battery options from 10.5 Ah up to a whopping 24.5 Ah, which at 36V ends up offering around a kilowatt-hour of energy storage, giving you a pedal-assist range up to 160 km. That’s a big range, more than sufficient for daily commuting, and the average butt will get sore long before you trouble the reserves of the battery.

The WAU e-bike has brake lights and indicators much like a motorcycle, meaning you can easily signal your intentions to riders behind you. Those lights automatically adjust their brightness based on conditions and the rear light even works as a brake light to alert traffic when the rider is slowing down or coming to a halt. There’s also a high-intensity light bar up front for night riding.

The Wau e-bike is available in three different models – the standard edition, the Wau City, and the Wau S – with the main difference being the battery capacity distance they can travel before requiring a recharge.

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