Developer of affordable e-Bikes equipped with a patent-pending frame made without welding


Affordable e-Bikes from Avial

The use of modern aviation technology to assemble the patent-pending frame allows to produce AviAl e-bikes in Europe at an affordable price

Excellent frame’s driving performance

The AviAl e-Bikes frame has elastic properties similar to the steel frame, which allows it to smooth out small road irregularities

Eco-friendly production

Non-welded frames weigh about 3kg (6.6lbs), and the stages that have negative impact on the environment are excluded from the production process

5000 km testing for each new model

Each of the models we put into production, is tested for 5000km (3100mi) in a variety of road conditions, from urban asphalt to real off-road

AviAl e-Bikes weigh from 16 kg

AviAl e-Bikes weigh from 16 to 26kg (35-57lbs) depending on the model and its equipment. They are designed for cyclists up to 120kg (265lbs)

Select the power and transmission

e-Bikes can be equipped with a 250-500W Mid-drive or 250-1000W Rear-hub motor, as well as a chain or belt drive transmission of your choice

Comfortable riding without jerks

The new generation of AviAl e-Bikes are equipped with torque and / or gear shift sensors, which provide comfortable riding without jerks

Your trip can be more than 120km

e-Bikes can be equipped with the 378-1176Wh battery, which will allow to ride a 60-120km (35-75mi) range, and up to 150km (90mi) in economy mode

Slick looking AviAl e-Bikes

AviAl e-Bikes unique design attracts people attention. All multi-purpose models are designed for everyday urban use and countryside trips

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, Avial e-Bikes, having characteristics similar to most modern electric bikes, have an original design that makes your road companions to gaze after the owner of such a bike. Secondly, the frame is made of aircraft aluminum alloys 6061, 2024 and 7075, the Fatigue Strength of the two latter is much higher than this figure of the classic 6061T6, which determines the greater strength of the frame. Thirdly, due to the use of hybrid glue-rivet technology, the frame acquires elastic properties comparable to steel counterparts, which provides greater ride comfort. Fourth, the Avial e-Bike frame can be fitted with a mid-drive system produced by almost any manufacturer. Fifth, making the frame without welding is easier and cheaper, allowing the consumer to get an affordable e-bike.

The ease of production of our patent-pending frame using hybrid glue-rivet technology eliminates many of the steps specific to the welding process for aluminum frames. Along with this, the Avial Bikes manufacturer always has the opportunity to quickly change the design or configuration, as well as arrange the assembly of bicycles from kits in another country, which reduces logistic costs.

One of the advantages of the mid-drive frame of Avial e-Bikes is that it can be fitted with a drive from almost any manufacturer. Now this mid-motor model is equipped with a COMP C17 250 / 350W drive, which in 2019 was chosen by us as the optimal price / quality ratio. However, if necessary, the mid-drive motor of up to 500W can be mounted on the frame, for example, produced by the following companies: Bafang, Bosch, Shimano, etc. Other Avial e-Bikes models can be equipped with rear-hub drive from 250 to 1000W

To assemble 36V or 48V removable batteries with the capacity from 10.5Ah (378Wh) to 24.5Ah (1176Wh), we use cells with the capacity of 3500mAh produced by LG or Samsung. The large specific capacity of the 18650 cells makes it possible to produce high-performance and reliable lithium-ion batteries with a low weight based on a self-engineered box, made in the Avial e-Bikes models design. Special grooves securely fix the battery to the frame, which makes it easy to install and remove it for recharging, and ensure the safe operation of the bike on uneven roads.

The base equipment of every Avial bike includes: the kickstand, fenders, headlight and tail light. Additionally, you can equip your bike with accessories of our own design: front or rear rack, front bike basket, frame bags of various capacities, or install on standard mounts most models of serial accessories from other manufacturers.

As standard, most Avial Bikes models, both with mid-drive and with rear hub drive with the capacity from 250 to 1000W, are equipped with an 8-speed chain transmission system. However, the patent-pending frame design allows the rear stays to be opened and to be optionally fitted with a Carbon Belt Drive system, should the potential owner pre-order them on our website.


The Avial Bikes development team consists of enthusiasts who are engaged in tuning bicycles, as well as developing their own prototypes. We are pleased to test our own innovations and, along with this, we try to be always up to date with modern technologies and new products in the field of electric drives, batteries and other components of electric bicycles.

Nowadays, when most bicycle frames are made in Southeast Asia, we decided to move away from uniformity and develop our own. The original frame of our design is easy to manufacture and is based on proven aviation technology that does not use welding. Therefore, we can manufacture our bikes in Europe. We have already received the first patent for the frame of an electric bike, and the second is now in the process of registration.

As can be seen from the multimedia materials presented on our website, the first prototype of Avial e-bike with rear hub-motor has successfully overcome more than 700 km. The second prototype of the mid drive electric bike travelled over 4500 km in a variety of conditions and its tests continue. In the nearest future, right after the CAD simulation, we plan to make pre-production samples, and present them at the EUROBIKE Show.