Manufacturer of e-bikes equipped with a patent-pending frame of aircraft-grade aluminum


Frame of aircraft-grade aluminum

Patented frame weighing about 3.5 kg is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloys.


Any type of electric drive 250W

The carcass of the Avial Bikes frame allows installing both type of drive: the rear wheel drive or the mid drive with power 250W.

5 level of drive configuration

An on-board computer with a display that support 5 power levels of the electric drive allows you to quickly set up and monitor all the main parameters of the movement.

Motors with peak torque up to 100Nm

The frames are designed to use drives with peak torque up to 100 Nm. Start pedalling and feel the electric momentum instantly kick in.

Bikes are designed for a load of 120 kg

The frames of Avial e-Bikes are available in various sizes and are designed for bicyclist weights up to 120 kg.

Urban and off-road using

A sturdy frame and front fork with the travel 100 mm provide a dual purpose bike: on weekdays - high-speed urban, on weekends - an energetic off-road bike.

Smooth ride with Gearsensor

The Gearsensor – is sensor in the transmission makes it possible to shift gears smoothly, ensuring comfortable movement in a wide range of speeds up to 25 km / h.

Go up to 50 km on a single charge

A removable high-capacity battery 36 or 48V in a sealed case with a USB charging connector is designed for a trip of up to 50 km on a single charge.

We grant two years of warranty

Avial e-Bikes are designed and manufactured in Finland. Our service center supports two years of warranty within the EU.


Innovation and new developments are implemented novelties, demanded by the market, that provide a qualitative increase in the efficiency of processes or products.
Traditionally, aluminum, steel or titanium frame is made by welding. As a result of this process, various chemical entities, gases and metal oxides are emitted into the atmosphere. The welding arc emanates light, infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, to reduce the harmful effects there is a need to use special facilities, equipment, ventilation, etc.
When developing the Avial Bikes frame, we decided to go back from welding and use the technology of aircraft fuselages manufacturing. As a result, the patent-pending frame of our bike is assembled with profiles made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloys that are jointed with rivets. This production is not environmentally destructive and also provides entirely diversified frames manufacturing of different sizes, in fact, considering the specific body organization for each customer.
A part riveting is used in the aircraft, ship and boat construction, and now is in bicycle manufacturing. This simple technological solution for joining difficult-to-weld aviation aluminum alloys provides high bond reliability. At the same time, the units obtained in this way, successfully react upon the emerging vibration and impulse loads.

Avial Frames

Patent-pending Avial Bike frames are assembled in the same way as most airplanes – from sets of aluminum alloy profiles that are jointed with the use of special rivets. This method of frame construction provides a number of advantages, the main of which is the possibility of producing a supporting structure in a various types and in a wide range of geometrical dimensions.

At the hardtail of Avial e-bike a motor bracket can be formed, where any model of a modern central drive, chosen from the catalog of most manufacturers, could be easily installed. The same fastening principle allows mounting the bottom bracket and the pedal assembly in the same place, so you can additionally install the rear wheel drive.

The frame of Avial Bikes is made not of round tubes, but of rectangular profiles. As our experience has shown, flat surface is always more convenient for variety of installed equipment, including the front or rear baggage carrier, case or basket, lamp, holder, etc. The reliability of this type of mounting will be even higher than traditional one – on a round pipe.


Design features of the patent-pending Avial Frame allow installing parts of any manufacturer. However, for our electric bikes we use time-tested components by Shimano, which have gained deserved popularity among bicycle owners around the world.

Avial Bikes can be fitted with various models of central and rear wheel drive. We used a Bafang rear-wheel drive with a power of 350W and a peak torque of 45N for our first test model, and for the next frame prototype we plan to install a 250W central wheel drive Comp C17 City with a peak torque of 80Nm.

One of the design features of the Avial Bikes gear is the presence of a gear shift sensor developed in the Czech Republic. It allows switching-out the electric motor when the cyclist makes a shift. As a result, the sensor reduces the load on the transmission elements, making the movement smoother and more comfortable.

For Avial Bikes we install Li-ion batteries with a capacity of 11.6-14Ah and voltage of 36-48V, which are made on the basis of cells with a higher capacity by Panasonic or Samsung. These batteries are equipped with a waterproof casing, which is installed on the frame and could be removed for recharging with the help of a spanner.


Currently, Avial Bikes designers are completing the development and testing for two electric bikes of the e-City and e-Trekking series, which will be equipped with central or rear wheel drive.

The basis is formed by two self-designed frames, made by using profiles of aircraft-grade aluminum alloys, joined into a single structure with the help of rivets. At the initial stage of the frame production, we can offer Avial Bikes bicycles in three sizes, and, at a later stage, we are going to execute a special orders for owners weighing up to 140 kg.


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The Avial Bikes development team consists of enthusiasts who are not only into cycling, but also in tuning. Hence, we are all interested in innovations in the field of electric drives, batteries, parts, as well as other innovative technical and design solutions that can be used in the bicycles construction.

These days, when most of the bicycle frames are made in Southeast Asia, we made a decision to recover from uniformity and develop our own frame based on aircraft-grade aluminum alloys in order to manufacture and assemble our creative bicycles in Europe. At the same time, while using components of high a quality, it is of our interest to get an industrial model with a retail price in the range of 1400 – 1800 euros.

As you can see in the multimedia material, our first prototype with rear wheel drive has already covered more than 700 km. In the closest time, right after the CAD simulation, we will manufacture and start testing a new frame for an electric bicycle with a central drive, and when the necessary improvements are finished, we will present our new products to our loyal customers of convenient and modern vehicle.