New affordable Avial e-Bikes equipped with a modular design frame built like an Airplane



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A multi-purpose electric bike with a mid-drive motor 250W power and peak torque of 80 Nm is an excellent choice not only for everyday urban use, but also for countryside trips. Motor settings and torque provide excellent dynamics and efficient movement on mountainous terrain.

1090  (excl. VAT & Shipping)

A wide range of rear hub motors with power from 250 to 1000W and a universal mount for removable batteries with the capacity from 14 to 24.5Ah allows you to customize this Commuter e-Bike, that is equipped with a resilient, lightweight and durable frame both for day-to-day trips to work and for riding to the countryside on the weekend.

990  (excl. VAT & Shipping)

This Avial City e-Bike model with an elegant design weighing 15-16 kg is equally ideal for both: city trips to work, cafes and shops or walking along park paths. In the basic configuration, this electric bike can be equipped with a rear trunk with a carrying capacity of 15 or 25 kg on your choice. Also, a front basket with a carrying capacity of 12 kg is offered, as well as several quick-removable bags for transporting personal belongings, work papers, a tablet or laptop, as well as several possible transmission options.


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Full suspension, vertical fit and comfortable seat provide everything for comfortable travel on the Avial Cruiser e-Bike. Possibility to equip with a belt or chain transmission, the wide range of the rear drive motors from 250 to 1000W and the batteries with the capacity from 14 to 24.5Ah allow you to choose the model with the optimum characteristics for different road condition and with the 60 to 120 km (35-75 miles) mileage per charge.

Avial Bikes mission is to offer green, affordable, and exciting e-Bikes to everyone around the world!

At the developing of the Avial e-Bikes frame we decided to refuse of welding and use the Hybrid glue-rivet technology, which is widely used in airplane fuselage construction as well as car industry. As a result of it the frame of our electrical bike (patent applied for) has module construction and consists of profiles made of classic aluminum alloy 6061 and much more strong aviation alloy 7075. Welding don`t let to combine these alloys, but the technology we use provides the construction maximal strength and durability and the bike with elastic properties like in steel frames. It provides more comfort during a ride.

The module construction of the bike also has its own preferences over the classic bicycle frame as it lets the producer make the affordable custom Avial e-Bike. According to the needs of the customer every model can be equipped mid-drive system as well as rear hub motors, chain or belt transmission and battery from 10,5 to 24.5Ah – for your choice. Along with this during usage the e-bike from Avial Bikes his owner can set the belt drive instead of the chain or for example change the battery from 378Wh to 1176Wh. All these changes one can do without additional construction changes in the frame.

The producing of the Avial Bikes frames is eco-friendly and meet all the European requirements. Firstly, because it uses standard tools and processes during construction. Opposed to the production of welding aluminum frames, the process of additional heat treatment is excluded here, which is usually made for restoring reaction of strength characteristics of the alloy 6061. In the case of utilization, the frame of the bike is hardly different from a fuselage of a modern plane. That`s why its recycling can be the same.

There are the models of Avial e-Bikes in the catalogue, which are ready to manufacturing production or are on the last stage of developing or testing. We offer you to make your Pre-Order for the chosen model for the special price, which will be added to our waiting list. Thanks to it you will be the first to get the notification of the beginning of manufacturing and the date of production launch. We will contact you and choose the most suitable model of your Avial e-Bike.