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Viennese folding bike manufacturer VELLO presents the ultra-light titanium version of the e-bike that can be folded in seconds. Thanks to the titanium frame, belt drive and other details, the new model weighs just 10.9 kg. Such folding e-bike brings back freedom in the city’s limited room for manoeuvre. It takes its owner everywhere and can also be used in combination with other means of transport, both for ‘the last mile’, and for the entire journey. Despite its small mass,…



Triobike Taxi is an easy to ride, manoeuvrable and comfortable 3 wheeled taxi e-bike with a mid-drive system from Brose Drive S (250W) designed to carry adults. With 90 cm of inner width, the passenger seat is among the most spacious and comfortable on the market. The removable middle plate allows people with walking difficulties to sit down easily without having to lift their feet, securing a safe entry and exit. Triobike company from Denmark designed the new taxi e-bike…



HP Velotechnik is the only recumbent bike manufacturer to equip its electric trikes with motors from the German Neodrives. All 15 models from the sporty low-racer Speedmachine to the touring Trike Scorpion plus can be equipped with the rear wheel hub motors now. For the first time, Neodrives will equip its Z20 system with electric reverse gear for the Scorpion and Gekko series. HP Velotechnik was founded by Paul Hollants and Daniel Pulvermüller in 1993. Its production site in Kriftel…



B’Safe from Helite, France is the first wearable airbag vest that protects cyclists during their ride. The system is 100% autonomous and follows cyclist’s motion in real-time. When an accident or a fall is detected, the airbag will inflate automatically to protect the thorax, neck and back and ensure optimal protection before the impact. The device is light, conformable, easy to use and reusable after each inflation. With B’safe, the first wearable cyclist’s airbag vest, you can safely ride your…



The Gleam Chassis X is a cargo e-Bike with a unique Dynamic Tilting System (DTS) for smarter & urban mobility. With its tilting technology and full suspension, the Chassis X brings more fun to the driver and more convenience for the cargo. You can turn quickly, handle easily all urban obstacles and have full control over the traffic and your cargo. Gleam is a team of specialists from various fields, who have set themselves the goal of creating tailor-made, high-quality…



The new Bafang M420 mid-drive drive system with a power of 250W and a maximum torque of 80 Nm, it provides smooth support up to the EU 25 km/h limit. It can be combined with an integrated InTube battery or various down tube and rack type batteries. The M420 is best suited for manufacturers developing hybrid city or touring electric bikes with a mid-drive system, as it can better handle the rigours of urban riding. Mid-drive motor Bafang M420 (3,6…



AER Electric has redesigned and reformed the electric scooter. Designed especially for adults, the AER 557 with direct drive 500W hub motor aims to be a high-performance e-scooter that works, feels, and rides differently than any others. An aluminium hydroformed frame and integrated removable high capacity 557 W/H battery, wide ergonomic handlebars and 20-inch Schwalbe tyres provide a sturdy yet flexible ride. This e-scooter for adults glides silently and effortlessly across bumps providing a safer, smoother riding experience, the AER…



At the UO-211booth, which was located in the Special Area To Start-Ups of the Eurobike 2019 international bicycle exhibition, we presented two new Avial bikes prototypes, one of which was equipped with a mid-drive motor, and the other could be easily equipped with a rear-wheel drive up to 350W. It was not only our first exhibition but also the first public presentation of our prototypes, the fate of which largely depended on the feedback of visitors. Together with the guests…



The first 3-D-printed e-­bike, the Emery ONE has an aerospace-grade carbon-fibre frame mated to a Bosch motor with 63Nm and a fully integrated 500-Watt-hour battery. The process also leads to greater freedom, as the technology allows making fully customised bikes on an on-demand basis. The process takes the design and final manufacture of a bike frame from 18 months to just a few days at a significant reduction in product development costs. Startup company Arevo is to manufacture ‘world’s first’…



It is a little e-bike from Ancheer sits somewhere in the middle. It’s a stretch to call it an “e-bike” since it doesn’t have any manual assistance or pedals. But it’s probably not entirely accurate to call it a scooter, most would probably think of a primarily standing ride with two smaller wheels. It’s basically bike – like electric scooter weighing 12 kg with slightly more substantial wheels, a seat and better range with a far more comfortable and leisurely…