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We’ve already seen bike lights that are built into the stem, rims, fork, brakes, bars and even the kickstand. Jesse Iozzio is a bike mechanic and entrepreneur designed slick solution to lighting up the road. Simply called the Integrated Bike Light, the water-resistant system uses two small lights that attach at the skewers, with a battery hidden inside the fork steerer tube. The system gets activated by the push of a button on the special top cap, which also has…



  A few years back, the folks at Infento introduced a line of modular buildable vehicle kits designed to get kids into a creative building – like life-sized ridable LEGO. Now the brand is back with some serious upgrades and a bundle of new modular electric-powered rides. With a number of different available options, the new Infento sets have the ability to create a whopping 32+ different ride-ables include kids e-bike. And while it still gives kids the option for…



More companies have begun popping up offering their own unique eBike alternatives. One such company is brand GenZe. The model 200 can change the way you live by letting you travel farther while. For a variety of needs of riders, the engineers of GenZe created their electric bicycles with throttle handle and pedal assistant’s system. The GenZe 200 model eBike is powered by a rear hub motor rated at 350W. The power is supplied by a 36V and 350Wh battery,…



The Riese Muller Culture GT is a new model in the 2019 Riese Muller electric bike lineup, focusing on a comfortable ride, whether you want to commute to work, pick up groceries or just travel around town in style. Immerse yourself in the life of the city with all your senses. Anything is possible as soon as you sit up on the comfortable saddle of the Culture GT. This electric bike effortlessly floats through the streets thanks to the full-suspension…



YikeBike has listened to its early adopter customers and created the next evolution of the folding e-bike. One of the first questions is asked when riding around town is “What happens when you run out of power?” The answer is simple: “You can fold the YikeBike up and continue on”. You can take it everywhere you need to go, never have to worry about leaving it out of your sight, and no more bike locks! Having a YikeBike makes getting…