New affordable Avial e-Bikes equipped with a modular design frame built like an Airplane


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While developing my latest prototype Avial Commuter e-Bike [1] with 250 to 1000W rear hub-drive, whose frame design also allows for chain and belt use in the drivetrain, I have decided to investigate the capabilities of different gear systems for bicycles. Why? The first factor is that common rear-wheel drive multipurpose bicycles for city and country use usually include the installation of a standard kit, for example, the Shimano Alivio 8-speed chain transmission system. It’s inexpensive, reliable, easy-to-use as well…



The popularity of welded bicycle framing is not decisive. Many titanium, steel, or aluminum frame manufacturers use alternate connections, which in many cases not only enhance the bicycle’s consumer qualities, but they also make it simpler and cheaper to produce. In spite of numerous innovations, basic frame design of the classical bicycle has changed little since the chain-driven version appeared around 1885 [1]. The first vehicle, however, was invented by the German Baron Karl von Drais in 1817 and was…



Since its introduction in 1894, bamboo cycles have been continually changed and have become increasingly sophisticated and appealing. Despite all their advantages and current innovations, many of them have not gained the same universal popularity as their steel, aluminum or carbon frame counterparts. Some of the first references to the bamboo bicycle may be found in English patent No. 8274, filed in 1894 [1]. The unusual nature of such bicycles stems from the idea that the carrier tubes of the…



Aleris demonstrated also how the use of 3.5 mm thick 7000 aluminum alloy in the production of car struts allowed them to reach the same crash performance as UHS steel with a 2-mm boron, but led to a weight saving of 40%. 7075 is one of the best-known aviation aluminum alloys. This was developed by Sumitomo Metal of Japan in 1935. In the production of aircraft, the aluminum alloy 7075 began being used, beginning with the Mitsubishi A6M Zero deck…



  Most of today’s modern e-Bikes are equipped with a front wheel-drive, rear wheel-drive or mid-drive. So, what’s the difference? How are the benefits or drawbacks of a rear hub-motor or front hub-motor versus a mid-drive system? As many people start to select an e-Bike with 250W drive, the question is frequently asked – Hub-motor or Mid-drive? Which is better? Which one is right for exactly my operating conditions? My opinion is that each 250W drive type: front, rear or…



Since its introduction in the 1930s, when lightweight and strong elements of duralumin frames were fastened together with locks or rivets, at last century’s end, bicycle frames began to use glue and bond-lock connections. Modern duralumin analogs, such as the 7xxx series of alloys, have already surpassed duralumin strength and are also used in the construction of bicycle frames. Robust but lightweight metals have been attractive to makers since the first bicycles. This industry went from a wide variety of…



Internationally renowned Griffon Hoverwork, the developer and builder of hovercrafts, has partnered with Scigrip, the manufacturer of structural MMA adhesives, to streamline the production process. The two-component MMA bonding adhesive was successfully tested and is now being used to bond the 12000TD aluminum floor to the aluminum upper structure. The 12000TD is a 22 meters long passenger ship carrying 12 tons with a seating capacity of 80 passengers and is operating in the most varied and difficult areas of the…



Designed and built in Belgium, this 1200W rear-wheel-drive new bike was designed as a clean-energy powerhouse for daily use. Moreover, the designers thought it was intended for the adventurous people who like to spend a lot more time near nature and enjoy life outside the grid. The problem with modern electric mid-mounted bicycles, the developers at ÅSKA believe, is the fact that they can’t be modernized and they will be out of date in just a couple of years. It…



Do you know how many bicycle models with a frame made with no welding? And with the hinge wrapped round the seat tube? The industrial designer from Paris, Gaëtan Francq, has created an extraordinary frame design that sets his bicycle stand out from the rest. The new product is different not only in terms of appearance – at its core is a functionally collapsible design. This urban bike, called Loop, has a fantastic aluminum frame and a single beam, which…



Linear Labs has introduced the M200 a 36V rear hub motors for e-bikes which performance can cause some excitement. One of them is the N50H Motor with power 2.7 kW and peak torque 100Nm that weighs only 4 kg and has a diameter 220 mm and the thickness 40 mm. Model Y40 with 1000W and peak torque 40Nm have weight 3,7 kg and diameter 220 mm. The 200 Series’ high torque and high efficiency extend range, battery life, and increase…