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The latest Avial e-bike prototype covered more 2,500 km



My latest Avial e-bike prototype covered 2,500 km during both off-road terrain tests and in the city mode. This e-bike model is based on a patented frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum square profiles which are connected using rivets without welding. With the loads up to 120 kg, the frame pleases me with its strength and rigidity. During the tests, brake pads were replaced several times, the next step is the replacement of the rear wheel due to wear.

Riveted Avial e-bike frame

As it can be understood from the information given on the website, and also on the photographs presented here, the patented Avial e-bike frame is made of aluminum profile elements, which are riveted together without welding. This, almost aviation technology, made it possible to get the frame which rigidity is somewhere in the middle between the classic steel and light aluminium. Due to this future, it provides high comfort while driving: it dampens vibrations and softens shocks from unevenness on the road. Using this Avial bike prototype, you can jump freely off curbs during urban use, which accounts for about 80% of the total mileage, as well as use this model for off-road suburban travel.

My weight is about 120 kg, and the frame easily withstood all the loads from jumping and off-roading. For the whole period of operation, there have been no creaks, no backlashes, and no noticeable cracks appeared. Thus, in terms of weight (about 3.5 kg), such a frame is comparable to classic aluminium counterparts, however, in my opinion, it provides better shock absorption properties, which has a positive effect on riding pleasure.

Mid drive COMP 250W

The Avial e-bike frame is designed to fit almost any mid-drive model. However, two years ago, during comparative testing, I chose COMP С17 mid motor primarily because of its torque of 80Nm, which had a positive effect on the operation of my prototype both in high-speed city traffic and during overcoming slides while driving in the countryside. Along with this, the drive kit also includes a Gear Sensor, which allows smooth and precise gear shifting, that positively affect the ride comfort. As a result, it can be noted that the drive successfully covered all 2,500 km and I had no complaints either about it or about the place of its installation on the frame.

I tested several new products at Eurobike 2019 exhibition. There were several similar models in this price group, but I did not find any serious superiority of them. The only drawback of COMP C17 is its weight – 3.8 kg, which already exceeds the modern mid drive model’s standards. However, one cannot but say that the new drive model from this manufacturer – mid drive C19 is more compact and weighs 2.6 kg.

Light battery 14Ah, 36V

On this Avial bike prototype, a new 14Ah 36V rechargeable battery is also tested. I assembled it from 18650 3500mAh capacity cells produced by Samsung company. Since I installed the pedal-assist drive system at the maximum power mode, this battery, on average, was enough for 40-45 km. Thus, in my operating mode, the charging was done once every two days on weekdays and once a day on weekends. I did not notice any changes in reliability or a decrease in battery capacity over a year of operation.

When I first published the news about my frame design, many experts expressed doubts about the strength of this structure. I am grateful to the staff of the engineering centre who assisted me in carrying out the CAD simulation and, who almost at the development stage confirmed that the Avial e-bike frame design will withstand not only my weight but also all possible road loads. To date, this prototype has successfully covered more than half of the 5,000 km I have planned and I can confidently say that there is no sign that the riveted frame has any significant flaws. This electric bike model continues to make me happy with its comfortable ride and versatility.

Baruch Dorfman

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