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Frequently Asked Questions

In the FAQ section are the answers for the questions we received on our e-mail or which we are asked on forums, through social networks or on exhibitions. If you haven`t found your question in the list of FAQ, we are always ready to answer it privately.

Firstly, Avial e-Bikes, having characteristics similar to most modern electric bikes, have an original design that makes your road companions to gaze after the owner of such a bike.

Secondly, the frame is made of aircraft aluminum alloys 6061, 2024 and 7075, the Fatigue Strength of the two latter is much higher than this figure of the classic 6061T6, which determines the greater strength of the frame.

Thirdly, due to the use of hybrid glue-rivet technology, the frame acquires elastic properties comparable to steel counterparts, which provides greater ride comfort.

Fourth, the Avial e-Bike frame can be fitted with a mid-drive system produced by almost any manufacturer. Fifth, making the frame without welding is easier and cheaper, allowing the consumer to get an affordable e-bike.

The ease of production of our patent-pending frame using hybrid glue-rivet technology eliminates many of the steps specific to the welding process for aluminum frames. Along with this, the Avial Bikes manufacturer always has the opportunity to quickly change the design or configuration, as well as arrange the assembly of bicycles from kits in another country, which reduces logistic costs.

One of the advantages of the mid-drive frame of Avial e-Bikes is that it can be fitted with a drive from almost any manufacturer. Now this mid-motor model is equipped with a COMP C17 250 / 350W drive, which in 2019 was chosen by us as the optimal price / quality ratio. However, if necessary, the mid-drive motor of up to 500W can be mounted on the frame, for example, produced by the following companies: Bafang, Bosch, Shimano, etc. Other Avial e-Bikes models can be equipped with rear-hub drive from 250 to 1000W.

To assemble 36V or 48V removable batteries with the capacity from 10.5Ah (378Wh) to 24.5Ah (1176Wh), we use cells with the capacity of 3500mAh produced by LG or Samsung. The large specific capacity of the 18650 cells makes it possible to produce high-performance and reliable lithium-ion batteries with a low weight based on a self-engineered box, made in the Avial e-Bikes models design. Special grooves securely fix the battery to the frame, which makes it easy to install and remove it for recharging, and ensure the safe operation of the bike on uneven roads.

The base equipment of every Avial bike includes: the kickstand, fenders, headlight and tail light. Additionally, you can equip your bike with accessories of our own design: front or rear rack, front bike basket, frame bags of various capacities, or install on standard mounts most models of serial accessories from other manufacturers.

As standard, most Avial Bikes models, both with mid-drive and with rear hub drive with the capacity from 250 to 1000W, are equipped with an 8-speed chain transmission system. However, the patent-pending frame design allows the rear stays to be opened and to be optionally fitted with a Carbon Belt Drive system, should the potential owner pre-order them on our website.

We plan to locate our own production facility in Europe, as well as to interest our partners in the final assembly of bike kits on their production site. In this case, we will have our own quality control and can significantly reduce the transport costs, and we will also be able to produce bicycles in small series with different designs and configurations, constantly optimizing the design and offering new, more modern models to potential owners.

We will offer our partners not only assembled electric bicycles, but also kits that are ready for assembly on site on a small facility or repair shop. In this case, our partner will receive a benefit not only in the cost of the kit relative to the bike, but also in transportation costs. The assembly of the frame itself is not complicated and does not require special expensive equipment. We will provide our partners with a detailed assembly guide.

You can assemble the Avial e-Bike frame with your own hands in a home workshop, but only if you have certain experience and skills, as well as a special tool. The frame is the supporting element of the bicycle and, in many respects, determines the safety of its operation. Now You can order from us only a fully assembled frame.

The package of both frames and bicycles has a large volume, which increases the cost of transportation, and the container deliveries themselves lead to an increase in warehouse space. Manufacturing in Asia requires constant quality control, which is difficult to do in the context of COVID-19. The production cycle in the EU not only creates new jobs, but also allows us to have a smaller warehouse and produce bicycles in small series – with different designs and configurations, meeting the needs of potential owners.

Patent-pending frames of Avial e-Bikes are made from a combination of aviation aluminum alloys 6061, 2024 and 7075. The last two – 2024 and 7075 are used in the most loaded nodes of our bicycle frames, and both of their Fatigue Strength and other strength characteristics far exceed those of the classic 6061T6. They are in most cases used for the manufacture of aircraft fuselages.

The combination of 6061, 2024 and 7075 aircraft grade aluminum alloys makes the bike frame much stronger. However, unlike the classic 6061T6, 2024 and 7075 aluminum alloy elements are difficult to bend and weld. Therefore, we use hybrid glue-rivet technology for the production of Avial e-Bikes frames. This method of parts joining is widely used in modern automotive and aviation industries and eliminates the traditional re-heat-treated to restore the strength properties of the aluminum alloy.

The patent-pending frames of Avial e-Bikes are joined using hybrid glue-rivet technology. The standard rivets and MMA Structural Adhesive glue are used, the composition of which was selected by its manufacturer, taking into account the elements of different aluminum alloys used in the frame and the specified setting (curing) time. At the same time, the adhesive layer prevents galvanic corrosion. This method of joining ensures that the frame, like an aircraft wing, is resilient and resistant to vibration, while the full strength is maintained, and it also provides comfort comparable to riding a bicycle with a steel frame.

In a glue-rivet joint, rivets play the role of power points (ties), and the glue layer redistributes the stresses that arise nearby. The strength of such a connection is determined by the shape and area of ​​the adhesive layer, and the optimal position of the rivets is determined by the aviation industry regulations. This connection allows the use of alloys that are stronger than 6061, for example, 7075, which means that the Avial e-Bikes frame is universal, designed for various operating conditions – from city streets to off-road.

When designing Avial Bikes frames, we took into account that the bike can be driven by a person weighing up to 120kg (265lbs). At the same time, the bike can be equipped with a rear and / or front rack that can carry loads up to 20kg (44lbs). In total, we can say that the maximum load on each Avial e-Bike model is up to 140kg (309lbs), excluding the weight of the bike, battery, drive and accessories that are used.

The weight of the current patent-pending frame of the latest Avial e-Bike prototype, manufactured using hybrid glue-rivet technology, is in the range of 3kg (6.6lbs). It should be noted that there are examples such as the 1.4kg (3.1lbs) Ronin bicycle frame or the 1.65kg (3.6lbs) Voiroo Zero bicycle frame made in a similar manner. We at Avial Bikes decided to move gradually in our technical solutions and the weight of the next frame modification is planned to be 2.2-2.5kg (4.8-5.5lbs).

When developing Avial Bikes prototypes for, the CAD simulation is used with a safety factor of 2, which is carried out by our order by the engineering center specialists. In the course of static and dynamic tests, we refine the components and units, and then we manufacture the prototype frame using hybrid glue-rivet technology. The assembled Avial e-Bike is going to road tests for 5,000km (3,100miles) with a payload of 120kg (265lbs) both on city streets and off-road. Then we disassemble the bike and conduct a detailed analysis of the frame elements. If no damage is found, then we assemble a new one and send it for certification according to ISO and EN.

Only prototypes of Avial Bikes frames are made of the square tube due to its availability. The frames of the production models will be made of a similar square tube, but made to order, with corners rounded to a radius of 3-5 mm (0.12-0.2 inches). Along with this, the upper tube of the frame will be equipped with an additional protective pad that protects the cyclist’s body from injury in the event of a fall.

The Avial Mid Drive e-Bike, equipped with a COMP C17 drive with 80Nm torque and a first stage power of 250W and then 350W, was successfully tested on the road. The Avial Rear Hub e-Bike prototype passed all tests with a 350W Bafang hub drive. We are currently developing a new Avial Cruiser e-Bike model which will be equipped with 1000W rear hub drive. The test results will be presented on our website by the end of 2021.

The replacement of one of the Avial Bikes frame elements, made using hybrid glue-rivet technology, can be done in our service center or dealer repair shop, or, if you have the tools and skills, in your home workshop. We are planning to make a video instruction on how to repair the frame with our own hands. In any case, it is simpler and easier than to repair the aluminum frame by welding, after which the re-heat-treated is required to restore the alloy strength properties.

Avial Bikes startup offers several unisex models that are designed specifically for urban use and adapted for use off-road. Travel conditions determine the choice of the type and power of the 250 – 1000W drive, as well as the capacity of the removable 10.5Ah (378Wh) – 24.5Ah (1176Wh) battery. All models are available for pre-order, their prices and detailed technical characteristics are listed in our website catalog.

The weight of Avial e-Bikes is mainly determined not only by the frame design, but also by the type and power of the installed drive, as well as the battery capacity. The lightest 15-16kg (33-35lbs) model is the City e-Bike, equipped with a Rear Hub motor 250W, 26” wheels and a 10.5Ah (378Wh) battery. The Mid Drive e-Bike with 27.5“wheels, 250W drive power and 14Ah (504Wh) battery weighs just over 20kg (44lbs). The planned full suspension Cruiser e-Bike with 1000W rear hub motor and a 24.5Ah (1176Wh) battery will weigh about 30kg (66lbs). The weight of each of the models is indicated in our website catalog.

We have planned the development of a full suspension electric bike with 20” wheels. The original frame of this bike will be made using hybrid adhesive-lock technology and, at the same time, will be folded compact enough to make it possible for the owner to transport the bike on public transport or in the trunk of a regular car. It is planned that this model will become the basis for the production of women and kids bicycles.

We are looking at several affordable cargo e-bikes concepts built with hybrid glue-rivet technology that, depending on the number of wheels and the power of the electric drive, can carry from 50kg (110lbs) to 300kg (660lbs) cargo. Along with this, we are also working on two models of cargo trailers that will allow you to use a regular bike for commuting and, if necessary, for goods transportation.

As with most electric bike manufacturers, all Avial Bikes items are warranted for 2 years, subject to non-commercial use and under conditions non-contrary to the operating instructions. EU warranty support will be provided through our service center or through our partners certified repair shops.

We are now developing the joint testing program where potential owners who have placed a pre-order on our website will be able to receive their bike at a special price for testing. After all, only the owner of the bike can assess its consumer qualities. We will post all reviews, photos and videos on our website. Along with this, Avial e-Bike can be rented from our dealer or, at the exhibition, when COVID-19 finally leaves us

Preliminary prices relevant for placing a pre-order are presented in the catalog on our website and do not include shipping costs and VAT in the country of the potential buyer. The final prices for production models may differ from those stated, depending on our use of various accessories, components and electric drives for bike production.

Several Avial e-Bikes are currently being road tested and, after 5,000 kilometers (3100 miles), will be completely disassembled for a thorough inspection. The structural elements and frame design will then be optimized for serial production. After that, we will manufacture pre-production models and send them for testing to obtain ISO 4210 and EN15194 certification. The model you like can be ordered on our website or in the store of one of our partners.

The removable batteries with the capacities from 10.5Ah (378Wh) to 24.5Ah (1176Wh) are available for the Avial models. They can be mounted on bicycles equipped with an electric drive from 250 to 1000W. Therefore, depending on these parameters, as well as the terrain, load and the selected mode of pedal assist system, Avial e-Bikes mileage can range from 50 (30 miles) to 120 (75 miles) or even 150 km (90 miles).

The frame elements of the base Avial e-Bikes models will be anodized in matte black or silver. Along with this, we are now experimenting with a two-color powder frame coating and, as a result, the potential owner will be able to choose the original color scheme for his bike.