Manufacturer of e-bikes equipped with a patent-pending frame of aircraft-grade aluminum

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Weighting 47.7 kg, the electric kart Ninebot is the first Gokart ever that is made to drift. Besides footbrake, it has a mechanical handbrake which allows you not only to stop the vehicle abruptly but even to drift using it. Enjoy the ride with the fastest initial acceleration and sprint from 0 to 24 km/h in 2 seconds. Adjustable frame and steering wheel provide a variety of rider sizes between 130-190 cm height and a maximum load of 100 kg….

The answer to zero pollution transportation over intercity distances is simple – the bicycle. But most of us aren’t fit enough to bike to work every day, nor do we enjoy riding in bad weather. Trimtab from designer David Parott is a 3X3 electric hybrid vehicle designed for intercity travel on conventional roadways. It can hit up to 30 km/h off electric power alone. The electric vehicle is designed with a lightweight, tubular frame made from aircraft grade aluminium. It…