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Veelo isn’t something that you ride, it’s something that moves you



What happens when you combine an electric bike drive system with a tractor-style yoke? You get the Veelo, which is a way to electrify your inline skating adventures. It can pull you up to 32 km/h and even has the potential to go even faster.

Veelo is a new concept in mobility for skates, blades, boards, and wheels. It combines the effortless power of an electric hub motor with a flexible concept that inspires you to develop your own ride style. Whether you’re on inline or a longboard, the unmistakable sensation of velocity appears when you the first time take Veelo in your hands. Veelo isn’t something that you ride, it’s something that moves you in the way you’ve never experienced before but is so completely intuitive to control that it feels familiar and natural.

Created by Canadian entrepreneur Brice Jamieson, Veelo is essentially a long stainless-steel frame with a set of extendable handlebars at the back and a powered wheel at the front – it’s like an electric wheelbarrow without the load bed. The wheel has a 20″ rim, a 4″ fat tire, and a brushless hub motor. That motor is controlled by a throttle on the handlebars, where there’s also a brake lever and an LED screen that displays data such as speed and battery charge level. Power provides by a frame-mounted lithium battery pack, that should be enough for over 32 km.

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