New affordable Avial e-Bikes equipped with a modular design frame built like an Airplane


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Movos urban bicycle produced by Metaphys provides a smooth and comfortable ride on rough city roads. The center pivot coil suspension system installed in the middle of the bicycle frame absorbs shock during the cycle and provides a pleasant ride. For any cyclist, a smooth ride, comfort and size are what’s most important when purchasing an urban bicycle. Japanese Metaphys Movos bicycle weighs 14.8 kg and meets all these requirements. It has an original pivot coil system suspension in the…

When your entire design and assembly were inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk, stealthy is perhaps the best way to describe B-9 NH Urban Stealth, which has a carbon fiber frame and fork, unique carbon S72 Saddle system from BME Design, and CNC machined alloy cranks. What do we like most about some city bikes? Do they look like that? Or is it the way they provide opportunities that matters? Maybe it’s their ability to be folded or their environmental friendliness….