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The B-9 NH Urban bicycle design was inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk



When your entire design and assembly were inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk, stealthy is perhaps the best way to describe B-9 NH Urban Stealth, which has a carbon fiber frame and fork, unique carbon S72 Saddle system from BME Design, and CNC machined alloy cranks.

What do we like most about some city bikes? Do they look like that? Or is it the way they provide opportunities that matters? Maybe it’s their ability to be folded or their environmental friendliness. Whatever the reason you love the bike is, some love them enough to design their own. Inspired by the concept of being stealthy in the harsh luminosity of the urban jungle, Bratislavian design group BME Design has created a minimalist carbon fiber bicycle that resembles the classic F-117 Nighthawk aircraft.

«The bicycle will be black, almost radar-absorbing. Any gaze that catches it would be captured by its dark gravity. With flat panels, it would look like a veiled threat». The frame weighs only 8,8 kg including pedals, other than being equipped with the ultimate urban security system from atomic22. Each unit has been constructed to be used in the harsh urban environment. All frames and components are tested in EU labs.

The minimalist design means minimal maintenance and hassle-free riding. You would enjoy riding this bike with its single speed carbon belt drive and mechanical discs. The carbon belt drive doesn’t require any greasing, it is light and quiet compared to a standard bike chain. Everyone loves the matte black color finish that makes this bike look cool and dizzying. Due to the bike size, it’s recommended for cyclists who are 175-185 cm tall.

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