New affordable Avial e-Bikes equipped with a modular design frame built like an Airplane



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While developing my latest prototype Avial Commuter e-Bike [1] with 250 to 1000W rear hub-drive, whose frame design also allows for chain and belt use in the drivetrain, I have decided to investigate the capabilities of different gear systems for bicycles. Why? The first factor is that common rear-wheel drive multipurpose bicycles for city and country use usually include the installation of a standard kit, for example, the Shimano Alivio 8-speed chain transmission system. It’s inexpensive, reliable, easy-to-use as well…



  Most of today’s modern e-Bikes are equipped with a front wheel-drive, rear wheel-drive or mid-drive. So, what’s the difference? How are the benefits or drawbacks of a rear hub-motor or front hub-motor versus a mid-drive system? As many people start to select an e-Bike with 250W drive, the question is frequently asked – Hub-motor or Mid-drive? Which is better? Which one is right for exactly my operating conditions? My opinion is that each 250W drive type: front, rear or…



As you probably already know, riding an electric bike is one of my hobbies. The decision to create my own full suspension Cruiser e-bike with a non-welded frame led me to several random test drives of similar bikes, both classic without electric traction, and those equipped with a rear hub electric system. Turns out that the Cruiser bike offers a very special, simply unforgettable experience from the ride and, in terms of ride comfort, it is almost impossible to outperform…



This project appeared primarily due to the growing distance of my trips. Starting my tests with a 250W mid-drive model equipped with a 14Ah 36V battery on city streets, I soon realized that the mileage of 50-60km (30-37miles) on a single charge is not always enough. As a result, while carrying out the out-of-town tests, including the off-road tests, I had to transport the bike to the test site in the back of my GMC Sonoma pickup. In my opinion,…



The new generation of my Hybrid Pedelec is based on the latest prototype that I have ruthlessly tested in the city and off-road for 3000km (1800miles). This 250W mid-drive e-Bike has a non-welded frame the parts of which are connected together using rivets and special glue. This e-Bike was designed as a bike that suits both city streets and cross-country. It combines the characteristics of different bicycles such as mountain e-bike, road e-bike, and city e-bike into a single unit….



By analogy with the compact and unpretentious Citroen 2CV, I tried to develop a concept of an inexpensive city bike that would combine simplicity of production, practicality, ease of use and low weight of 15-16kg (33-35lbs), which, if necessary, can be easily lifted on several stair flights, and in the basic configuration, it is easy to transport the necessary things or purchases, while from the outside it looks like a regular, not electric bike. Traditionally, bicycles use aluminum tubes that…



My latest Avial e-bike prototype covered 2,500 km during both off-road terrain tests and in the city mode. This e-bike model is based on a patented frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum square profiles which are connected using rivets without welding. With the loads up to 120 kg, the frame pleases me with its strength and rigidity. During the tests, brake pads were replaced several times, the next step is the replacement of the rear wheel due to wear. Riveted Avial…



At the UO-211booth, which was located in the Special Area To Start-Ups of the Eurobike 2019 international bicycle exhibition, we presented two new Avial bikes prototypes, one of which was equipped with a mid-drive motor, and the other could be easily equipped with a rear-wheel drive up to 350W. It was not only our first exhibition but also the first public presentation of our prototypes, the fate of which largely depended on the feedback of visitors. Together with the guests…



The Avial prototypes of e-bikes, built like an Aeroplane, equipped with both mid-drive system and rear-wheel motor of 250W will be presented at the exhibition Eurobike show 2019, which will be held from September 4 to 7 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. We invite you to visit our stand UO-211, where we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the design of our prototypes, as well as hear your suggestions about possible improvements or collaboration. Many visitors of our website already know…



As well as on our first prototype with the rear-wheel Bafang drive with a power of 350W, and on the second with the mid drive motor Comp C17 of the same power, e-bike batteries 48V, capacity 13Ah were set at the initial stage of tests. These batteries were assembled from cells 18650, with a capacity of 2600mAh. As a result, such a battery requires 5 x 13 = 65 cells; therefore, the casing with such set of cells has big…