New affordable Avial e-Bikes equipped with a modular design frame built like an Airplane

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e-Bikes for XXL loads from Avial start-up: Eurobike 2019 results



At the UO-211booth, which was located in the Special Area To Start-Ups of the Eurobike 2019 international bicycle exhibition, we presented two new Avial bikes prototypes, one of which was equipped with a mid-drive motor, and the other could be easily equipped with a rear-wheel drive up to 350W. It was not only our first exhibition but also the first public presentation of our prototypes, the fate of which largely depended on the feedback of visitors. Together with the guests of the exhibition, we were able to discuss the advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements to the frame design, as well as the equipment options for our e-Bikes.

Already on the first day of the exhibition, we were pleased that visitors to Eurobike 2019 not only often stopped at our unusual bicycle but also immediately noticed one of the main features of our original frame, weighing about 3.5 kg, which is on standard models for sizes L and XL we plan to reduce to 3 kg. Many of visitors considered one of the presented prototypes, and with surprise, without effort, they lifted our bike weighing 22 kg. There were those who surprised us too! Looking carefully at our new e-bike, they were interested in finding such an unusual bike in its classic version – without a drive.

During the discussion, many of the visitors positively assessed the possibility of installing drives of various manufacturers on our patented frame, as well as the fact that the structural safety margin allows the installation of drives of different power. Our road tests with both mid-drive and 350W rear-wheel drive showed that the Avial e-Bikes frame has a significant power reserve, that a 500W drive can be installed on it, which is allowed by legal of a number of countries.

As we plan to establish Avial e-Bikes production in Europe, the simplicity of the frame design, as well as the technology of its manufacture, make it possible to produce bicycles with a cost commensurate with analogues from Southeast Asia. Along with this, it was important for visitors of our booth that the bicycles would be made in small series, in which we, as a manufacturer, would be able to make all the necessary changes in time at the request of the client. For example, to add the front or rear trunk of the updated design, change the configuration of the frame and much more.

One of the key features of Avial e-Bikes novelties is its ability to withstand XXL loads. The patented frame, made of durable aircraft alloys without use of welding, successfully withstood loads of up to 140 kg during road tests in urban to off-road conditions. And this is not the limit! What does it give? Firstly, each of the Avial electric bicycles becomes multifunctional, that is, intended for use both in urban streets, and on mountain and forest trails. Hardtail frame on our bikes, of course, does not give them the opportunity to fully compete with professional MTB bikes, however, the margin of safety of the frame provides the possibility of long-term use on a variety of surfaces.

Secondly, as visitors of the exhibition noted, one of the important features of the new e-bikes from Avial is the possibility of their use by large, strong and heavy cyclists who are not easy to find a bike suitable for carrying capacity in a regular store. The XXL e-bike has more wear due to its higher speed and is used more often than a regular bike. Aluminium alloys, which are widely used for the manufacture of e-Bikes frames, are usually difficult to diagnose by the criterion of fatigue – they break completely unexpectedly. The durable aviation alloys used to manufacture Avial e-Bikes frames have much greater strength, and the connection of their elements with rivets, as well as on the elements of the fuselage and wings of the aircraft, can withstand dynamic and vibration loads. At the same time, each such connection is easily visually diagnosed.

There were no questions regarding the configuration of Avial novelties with Shimano Deore components. Many noted the reliability of the components of this series, as well as the fact that the XXL e-Bikes with brake discs with a diameter of 180 mm at high loads will be able to brake reliably and quickly. Soft wide seats, which are very comfortable when driving on long routes, deserve no less attention. And indeed, it is! After all, the driver has only three points of contact with the bicycle: a saddle, handles and pedals, and they not only have to withstand high loads but also meet ergonomic requirements, providing the bike owner with maximum comfort.

We thank the staff of the Eurobike 2019 exhibition for their attention to our start-up and the excellent preparation of our booth, all the participants and guests of the exhibition who visited our booth and, thus, expressed to us and our novelties their support, comments, suggestions, as well as all citizens of Friedrichshafen who have consistently assisted us in difficult situations.

Everyone who liked our prototypes is invited to place a pre-order on one of the serial new Avial e-bikes, which we plan to start producing in Finland in late 2019 – early 2020, taking into account all the wishes expressed by visitors to our booth, after receiving ISO4210 certificates and EN15194.

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