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The sample of the Comp 17 mid-drive motor was received



For installation on our electric bike, I received a sample of an average Comp 17 Sporty Design drive motor with hull dimensions of 167 x 252 mm and a weight of 3.8 kg. This drive motor, based on the joint development of Japanese and Czech engineers, is capable of operating from a battery with a voltage of 36 or 48V and, depending on the settings of the software, provides capacity of 250 or 350W.

Distinctive features of this drive model are the max torque of 80Nm, as well as the ability to work with the Gearsensor sensor. This sensor is installed in the transmission of the bike and provides the ability to shift gears smoothly and shock less while driving, that greatly increases the comfort of the trip, significantly increases the service life and reduces the wear of the transmission elements of the bike.

A functional supplement to this kit is a display with the overall dimensions of the case of 61 x 85 mm, made in IP65 waterproof design. The on-board computer supports 5 power levels of the electric drive inside, which allows the bike owner adjust to quickly and easily all the main parameters of the movement. The display has a micro USB connector to charge the phone.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Vojtěch Mareš and Ms. Xue Xingxing from Comp Drive for detailed technical advice and assistance in receiving a sample of drive motor for testing.

Baruch Dorfman

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