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Testing of mid-drive motors for e-bike at EuroBike Show



I have already been quite familiar to the features of the rear-wheel drive, while the parameters of an electric bicycle with an average drive motor mostly remained for me only the numbers from the Internet. Many advantages of the Euro Bike Show One can be complemented with one more thing that is particularly important for me. Here it was possible to test most of the drive motors, both of the production of well-known European manufacturers, and of the little-known Chinese and Japanese companies.

I have tasted almost all of them, assessing the responsive

ness and controls, and as a result I was able to rank the top three of the medium drive motors, which, according to my subjective feelings, were the best: Nidec, Comp and Bafang. The electric drive motor from the Japanese company Nidec with a beautiful hull design proved to be very good. Mr. Robin Hua at the Bafang manufacturer’s booth kindly introduced me a truly huge range of electric drive motors and computers. At the Comp Drive booth Mr. Vojtech Mares just set up a computer and immediately sent me on a test drive. I was impressed with the quiet operation of the drive motor and the smooth shifting of gears through using of a Gearsensor sensor in the transmission.

For various reasons, the electric drive motors of the manufacturers Tongsheng, Dapu and TruckRun proved to be only slightly worse. The brand new average drive motor from the German company TQ Systems seemed very interesting to me. It has a weight of 3.9 kg, a diameter of only 144 mm and, along with this, produces a record for its class max torque of 120 Nm.

Finally, I chose two manufacturers Nidec and Comp, and the latter subsequently won due to the gearshift sensor effective operation and a lower price, although Nidec design was better. Now, when I chose a drive motor, I had the opportunity to come to grips with the development of an electric bicycle frame.

Baruch Dorfman