New affordable Avial e-Bikes equipped with a modular design frame built like an Airplane

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AviAl Bikes – our brand, – our website



Since we received priority on the patent application filed earlier, the second version of our bike, equipped with a mid-drive motor, “drive” for tests without camouflage. It was very unusual: pedestrians, motorists and cyclists who turned out to be near, stopped, looked at with interest, and asked – Did he you do it by him yourself? What are the characteristics? Why square profiles, not round pipes? How strong is this frame? How much does it cost? What is the name of the brand?


Since the interest of many people, our friends and acquaintances was genuine, and there were quite a lot of questions that arose, we decided that our electric bike just needed to have its own name, which logically came from the materials used to make our frame – Aviation Aluminium. This is how our own brand AviAl Bikes appeared.


Answers to emerging questions can now be found at, where a detailed description and photographs of the first two prototypes of our own e-Bikes are given. We hope that we will be able to make a few more prototypes, and only then, we will try to start mass production. On social media pages, we will also continue to publish news not only about our own prototypes, but also about brand new bikes, scooters and other electrically driven vehicles from other manufacturers.