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All-terrain powerful fat-tire e-Bike from Eunorau



Eunorau Defender is an all-terrain powerful e-bike, equipped with dual-battery and dual electric motor configurations. Each of the Bafang motors has an output of 750 watts (48V), which in the case of the Defender S Pro version has a total of 1,500 watts.

Eunorau has just launched its latest electric bike – this time opting for full-suspension combined with all-wheel-drive. The new Eunorau e-bike has also turned out to be one of the most affordable full-suspension AWD e-bikes on the market. The Lithium-Ion battery is provided in the option units from 672 Wh or 816 Wh. But those who wish can mount a second 816 Wh battery on the down tube, thus reaching a total of 1,632 Wh. The dual configuration promises up to 130 km (80 miles) per charge. That range will likely be shorter while off-road riding, which is known to burn batteries much quicker.

Eunorau Company is another example of an Asian e-bike company. Since 2010, they have been manufacturing electric bicycles and selling them internationally. The brand specializes in producing premium quality e-bikes and kits. “Our goal is to change people’s way of transportation and contribute our effort to environmental sustainability” – CEO Kevin Fang states.

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