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Electric bicycle RINO for free riders and motocross



Electric bicycle RINO with the rear drive motor and 15Ah lithium-ion battery can produce up to 6kW continuous power, top speed 55 km/h with range 50-100 km. A new electric bike named RINO made in Scotland by EVolution custom power bikes and it’s a blend of free rider bicycle and motocross.


Evolution is a company making custom power bikes with a top speed over 100 km/h at 90 Volts. The large battery will get you further; in eco mode with speed up to 30 km/h you can do 300 km. With pick power,13kw and throttle open off-road and you can expect a range from 50 to over 100 km on a single charge.


Regenerative braking system and Magura MT5’s 4 pistons hydraulic brake callipers stopping precision with no more than 2 fingers on the levers. RINO is fitted with rare legendary Marzocchi Monster fork buttery smooth open oil bath with 200 mm travel is the perfect option for this build! Strong 18-inch moto rims and tires give you a nice grip off-road.

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