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Roofbi – the soft eco-friendly bubble (tent) for rain protection



Riding your bike is cool, but there are situations where you have to deal with all kinds of weather. It’s not pretty at all to the bike while raining. Thankfully, a new tent from Roofbi wants to remove the hassle and make the entire process a lot more fun. The idea with its bubble is that it helps you protect your body from any type of climate change.

Roofbi eco-friendly bubble (tent), the invention to combat a wet suit and cold on the bike. No more problems with the rain during a bike ride on the e-bike, even the feet are protected against wetness. In addition, the Roofbi retains heat and you won’t get cold quickly either. Thanks to the simple installation, you can now get on your bike within 3 minutes.

Also, RoofBi is great for a passenger. If you have on your bike a child, for example, he will be protected as well. The same goes with personal effects or anything you want to carry. This might not look the best in the world, but when you are on the road, this bubble (tent) is indeed the most important investment that you can make for your e-bike.

Thanks to sturdy and flexible construction, the Roofbi won’t bother you with gusts of wind. On the roof, there are also storage compartments. Of course, you will stand out on the public road with the so bubble, but the reflection stripes also make you extra visible.

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