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CityQ – cargo and passenger e-bike with 4 wheel



The Norwegian company CityQ develop a mix between an e-bike and a city car. This light electric vehicle has four wheels and accommodates up to three people plus luggage. Its cargo and passenger e-bike has a 48-volt drive system including an electric motor from 250 to 500 Watts of power, which makes possible maximum speed of 25 km/h with a range of 70 to 100 km.

CityQ HQ company is located in Oslo, with a core team managed by founder Morten Rynning. They have expert’s teams in several countries and cross over experience from both the EV, e-bike and motorbike. Initial concept designs were established in 2016. In 2018 CityQ prototype with 4 wheels launched. On 2019 launched pre-production version.

The four-wheel e-bike from CityQ with length 225 cm, width 85 cm and high 155 cm is technologically adapted for all-weather conditions. It has a photovoltaic system provided by In-Lab located on the roof which ensures recharging of traction batteries and supplies the vehicle’s control electronics.

CityQ weighting approximately 60 kg has pedals but uses electric drive instead of chain. The user operates the vehicle through an on-board computer. Through CityQ cloud the vehicle can be tracked and remotely upgraded. Also, its e-bike with 4-wheel is equipped with safety belts, extra front lights and reflexes. The e-bike is not registered as a car, so it can be legally used also on bicycle lanes.

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