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Ultra-lightweight Hyper-Smart electric bike Brina 2



A vision of the future has become a reality: meet Brina 2, electric bike that shapes a new generation in e-motion. The new BRINA 2 is a carbon fibre electric bike, and it’s the lightest in the market, with only 16 kg weight! It has a high-efficiency motor, ranging from 350-500W, and outstanding hydraulic braking system that makes it controllable even in the high speeds.

The Brina 2 features a brushless high-efficiency motor that’s completely encased in the hub of the rear wheel, which is capable of putting out power ranging from 350 to 500W. Moreover, the system is completely maintenance-free. Additionally, the frame is constructed from a single piece of carbon fibre that nicely encloses all of the Brina2’s electronic components.

Thanks to its svelte lines, the designers of the Brina 2 claim it has a more impressive aerodynamic signature than most other electric bicycles on the market. Other features that highlight the Brina 2 are hydraulic disc brakes, long-range Samsung lithium batteries and EMOV’s unique +LIFE technology that can extend battery life over 10 times longer than other systems.

In the words of Gabriel Muñoz, the EMOV’s CEO, “The Brina 2 is an electric bicycle that is unique in the universal market from its characteristics in design and engineering, to its advanced technology, and unification of the qualities and benefits of an electric bike at its highest expression. Altogether, paired with an outstandingly affordable price, it represents the first of a New Generation of electric bikes”.

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