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e-Scooter AER 557 rides differently than any others



AER Electric has redesigned and reformed the electric scooter. Designed especially for adults, the AER 557 with direct drive 500W hub motor aims to be a high-performance e-scooter that works, feels, and rides differently than any others. An aluminium hydroformed frame and integrated removable high capacity 557 W/H battery, wide ergonomic handlebars and 20-inch Schwalbe tyres provide a sturdy yet flexible ride.

This e-scooter for adults glides silently and effortlessly across bumps providing a safer, smoother riding experience, the AER 557 is simply a joy to ride. The patent applied for hinge system allows the scooter to fold in half for easy space-saving storage. Folded scooter will fit in almost any car.
AER 557 delivers 30km+ of range on a single charge at full power and the 500W silent direct drive delivers 50Nm of torque for an exhilarating and effortless ride. This electric scooter has a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The intelligent drive system features GPS, a built-in immobiliser and 4 speed pre-sets.

The e-scooter has been tested – lifetime simulation testing – rocky road and stress testing of all parts in Germany to bicycle standards in a controlled environment by professionals. Along with this, usually found on a high-end downhill mountain bike, the front and back Magura dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes allow for AER 557 e-scooter riders to stop on a dime with absolute confidence. The Busch and Muller front headlights and Supernova rear beam allow other road users to know that you’re there.

“Founder and CEO John Irving, speaking about AER said “We wanted to redesign and reform an electric scooter for the modern age. To win an award at Eurobike demonstrates the appetite for Industry experts to seek out sustainable solutions like the AER 557 e-scooter.

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