New affordable Avial e-Bikes equipped with a modular design frame built like an Airplane

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The first prototype of our concept frame



Our tasks have not changed. For the realization of our plans we needed a frame that could have been made without welding and which could then be easily modified. At the same time, in the production of our universal frame for an electric bike modern technologies should be used, not to mention the fact that it should be durable and, at the same time, should not require any serious maintenance.

The solution turned out to be, as always, simple and known practically by everyone. For the manufacture of the bicycle frame, we decided to try to use profiles made of aircraft-grade aluminium, and to connect them in the way like the fuselage and wings of the aircraft, with the help of rivets, but in our case, with blind rivets. The only closest analogue we could find was a Japanese Dujee bicycle with a frame made of duralumin elements interconnected by aviation rivets and developed in 1948 by one of the engineers involved in designing aircraft at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Along with this, already being familiar with the mounting features of modern medium drive motors, we initially laid into the structure of our frame the possibility of installing most models of medium drive motors from various manufacturers. We also developed a separate series of frames, designed to install a rear drive motor.

As a result, we got a combination of minimalism in design and spatial design of the bicycle frame with a rather unusual and timeless appearance. The prototype of our frame had nothing extra, just functional details, without which the movement of an electric-powered bicycle is simply impossible.