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eBike GenZe 200 is just well thought out and sturdily built



More companies have begun popping up offering their own unique eBike alternatives. One such company is brand GenZe. The model 200 can change the way you live by letting you travel farther while. For a variety of needs of riders, the engineers of GenZe created their electric bicycles with throttle handle and pedal assistant’s system.

The GenZe 200 model eBike is powered by a rear hub motor rated at 350W. The power is supplied by a 36V and 350Wh battery, which is mounted in the frame and is removable from the side. The battery has a small form factor yet offers a range 48-80 km under pedal assist. For those who prefer a hand throttle, the GenZe 200 model eBike has that too. You can select through 5 levels of pedal assist, or drop it into Level 0 to activate the twist throttle.

The display on the GenZe is bright and clear, though it is mounted fairly low on the bike. Being integrated into the top tube, you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing it from the bike.

Full throttle allows you to go up to 35 km/h, pedal assist gives you an extra boost on your journey, and while pedal lets you ride your bike the old-fashioned way. The three settings can be controlled with the control panel mounted on your handlebar, letting your change the settings as you ride.

Weighing only 20.9 kg, the Genze 200 model eBike is one of the lightest models on the market. Available in both a high and step-through frame, this bike accommodates a range of needs and lifestyles. Both designs come in 3 sizes to fit every rider.

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