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Fuell Fluid e-bike designed for city and adventures



The Fluid is best-in-class e-bike: beautifully designed, robust, and efficient. Its motor is one of the most powerful on the market. Fuell Fluid e-bike designed for city and limitless adventures packs 2 removable batteries and over 1000Wh of energy. It features a full-colour dashboard and 5 levels of assistance. Its carbon belt and 8-speed geared hub make it perfectly silent and virtually maintenance-free.

Eric Buell, the founder of the Harley engine sport bike company that bore his name, is back in business with e-bike manufacturer Fuell. They’ve already shown off their electric motorcycle, the Flow, and are now gearing up to produce the Fluid with mid-mounted motor makes torque 100 Hm (500W power). It looks like a well-styled conventional bicycle but underneath lies the ability to travel at up to 25 or 45 km/h (depending on model) and an awesome 200 km range.

The battery pack of Fuell Fluid eclectic bike is an impressive 1 kWh capacity, split into two removable cartridges. That’s enough for a pedal-assisted range of 200 km. if you run it on the lowest of five power modes, and the split battery means you can take a light half-pack upstairs to charge if you need to, instead of carrying the whole lithium-ion battery.

Suntour XCR34 suspension forks, Tektro 190 mm disc brakes and Schwalbe Moto-X tires round out the basic specs of electric bicycles Fuell Fluid. In terms of security, a biker can lock the Fluid with a PIN on the dash, or stump up extra for a GPS tracker in the frame. e-bike comes with what looks like a set of purpose-built fenders for wet riding.

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