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Orange Bikes introduces its latest e-MTB the Surge



Orange Bikes introduces a new e-MTB in its range, the Surge. Loosely based on the Alpine 6 E and Alpine, this new electric bicycle has been completely redesigned. Orange representatives say the Surge’s revised design and shape is one of the biggest advancements. Along with this, engineers also put quite a bit of work into tuning the suspension kinematics.

The Shimano M8000 mid motor sitting behind a robust metal skid plate. Orange has also made the battery of e-MTB removable to allow riders to complete ‘double battery rides’, and the fastening bolts have been replaced by a key for quick swaps. More importantly, the shock mount has been moved for more progressive kinematics, an increase in travel from 160 to 165 mm and to accommodate a metric Rockshox Super Deluxe shock.

Hand built in Great Britain, it’s perhaps no surprise to see the Orange Surge placing a heavy emphasis on durability and weather protection. The rear suspension features just two large bearings making servicing a breeze. The low centre of gravity of e-MTB and additional weight of the motor play well to the suspension’s strengths and the long swingarm is controlled well by the Rockshox shock.

Orange Surge is really an e-MTB that will be best suited to strong riders with advanced skills. May to describe the Orange Surge in three words: simple, tough, effective!

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