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Pepper electric motorcycles spice up your daily commute



Pepper Motorcycles is a Swiss startup oriented towards the development and production of lightweight electric motorcycles. Its prototype was developed to conform to L3e-A1 homologation requirements. This means that this model will have similar performance figures to that of 125cc motorcycles.

The recently presented Pepper electric motorcycle is a fine example of how old meets new and together with the design blurs the line between electric bicycles and motorcycles. Developed by Jonas Ohlsson and his team, the Pepper electric motorcycle offers a fresh angle on a classic design. Their light electric motorcycle weighs just 53 kilograms. This model also has a rear hub motor with 3,000W nominal and 6,000W peak capacity. A top speed of 70 km/h (43.5 mph) places it straight between light electric motorcycles and powerful electric bicycles.

Pepper Motorcycles describes its prototype as a light electric motorcycle based on a simple concept. That concept combines the best of both a motorcycle and an electric bicycle. When designing the prototype, Pepper Motorcycles tried to join the agility and speed of a motorcycle with the maneuverability and ease-of-use of the electric bicycle. The result is a powerful electric motor housed in a lightweight chassis. A vintage-style faux gas tank hides electronics, but the real stored energy is produced by the 700 Wh battery mounted low in the frame. The chromed-out dual coilover shocks match the front suspension fork nicely and contrast with the matte black exposed frame. Besides, the round headlight at the front alongside LED mini indicators and an LED strip rear light gives it the classic racing view.

While Pepper Motorcycles has not yet rolled out the entered the market with production-ready products, they have this prototype that looks incredibly hip and stylish. The company states that their motorcycle is light and agile enough for beginners to confidently and safely swing a leg over it and start riding.

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