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Taga Bikes tricycle hauls kids or cargo in comfort



The tricycle from Taga Bikes not only does it have a giant front trunk, but it also has two kids’ seats to carry the family around. Its ability to hold more than just kids – pretty much anything up to 70 kg. A dual-handlebar system helps keep closer to the kid(s) while shortening the tricycle’s overall length.

Switching between riding mode and stroller takes around 15 seconds once you get used to it, a little longer if you have your child secured in the seat by the five-point harness. There’s a handy flip out stand on the back of the seat, so when you’re changing between riding and pushing you can put the seat on the ground without fear of it rocking over.

The Taga is very pleasant to ride, with or without a child in the seat. Once you get used to the weight of cargo bike 27 kg and the steering – it works much like a car, with the front wheels turning different amounts as you turn – there’s a certain something about riding it that makes you sit up, slow down and just enjoy the ride.

The company is also offering an (optional) electric kit to turn the Taga 2.0 into a throttle and/or pedal-assist e-bike. And when not in use, the tricycle’s frame separates into two parts for carrying or storage.

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