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Urban utility bike with 2” single-tube mainframe



Tough yet refined, this bike has just the right amount of street-savvy. Blackline bike is presented as a reductive version of what an urban utility bike can be. The frame is angled and doesn’t have a top bar and this makes it easier for those riding it to get on and off the seat when stuck in traffic.

The urban bike Blackline is the creation of a design company called Minimal – the same design studio that has worked with Microsoft on the Xbox 360 and the Kinect. Method Bicycle was also involved in the design of it, and they know all about the problems of commuting through ice storms. As bike chains can freeze in the harsh winters, the Blackline comes fitted with a belt-drive which is devoid of any small components. It features tires of 26 inches and this ensures that driving on the pothole-ridden roads is comfortable.

The Blackline urban bike features a ready-for-anything cargo system that can be multi-configured to help get you and your cargo to lunch, a museum, the ballpark, a street festival, or anywhere. The front rack discreetly stores a U-lock and the rear rack features removable waterproof panniers with stow-away shoulder straps so you can tote your gear from place to place.

A custom Helios smart handlebar with an integrated LED headlight and side blinkers utilize GPS enabled turn-by-turn navigation to help you safely navigate the urban grid. The Helios app helps you get where you need to go safely and in style. With your smart device linked to the Helios handlebars via Bluetooth, turn by turn navigation is as easy as inputting your destination.

While the focus has been on mass production and durability, urban bike Blackline has also kept with the refined sensibility of the founder of Minimal, Scott Wilson. It was said that the Blackline could be the first bike that could be pedalled wearing a little black dress.

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